Thursday, February 25, 2010

Female Winter Olympic Athletes Share Medal-Winning Winter Beauty Tips

Winter can take a toll on anyone's beauty regimen. Extreme cold makes skin dry and flaky, wind strips moisture from hair and temperature changes from inside to outside make it hard to dress appropriately. U.S. Olympic athletes who are gliding down ski slopes, spending hours on the ice and training in biting temperatures know firsthand how harsh winter elements can do more than put a damper on your looks -- it can also affect the health of hair and skin.

So when top-performing athletes like skier Lindsey Vonn, ice dancer Tanith Belbin, speed skater Allison Baver and bobsled gold medalist Vonetta Flowers prepare for winter, they pay special attention to their beauty routines and have excellent advice on how to handle the winter weather and its effects on how women look and feel.

Even in the cold, stay cool

Rigorous activity, no matter how cold the temperatures, will make your temperature rise. To stay fresh throughout training -- or even on days off -- athletes want an antiperspirant that can keep up with their demanding lifestyles.

The best options out there combine strong protection against odor and perspiration, and a fresh scent that will last throughout the day. "Antiperspirant is a must-have for U.S. Olympic athletes during training and competition," says bobsled gold medalist Vonetta Flowers. "Staying fresh and cool with Secret Clinical Strength Sport gives me confidence that I can be dry and comfortable all day long."

Show off your hair

With cold winds whipping through their hair, Winter U.S. Olympic athletes know just how dried out hair can get. Their hair products have to stand up to some of the most extreme conditions because when the helmet comes off, or the spotlight shines on them, they want their hair to look its best.

It often takes more than just one product to maintain healthy locks through the trials of winter weather. "I'm in and out of hot and cold environments throughout the winter, which strips moisture and is tough on my hair," says Lindsey Vonn. "I like the way Pantene Ice Shine keeps my hair moisturized and looking great."

Beat dry skin

The lack of humidity in the air throughout the season is also a concern. Even normally well-balanced skin throughout the year calls for extra effort to keep it moisturized in the winter. Winter U.S. Olympic athletes rely on products that help to keep their skin soft and supple."I spend a lot of time in a cold arena and my skin gets very dry. I love that I can start fighting dryness in the shower with a moisturizing body wash like Olay Body Wash with Body Butter Ribbons," says ice dancer Tanith Belbin.

A shining moment

As winter weather tends to be windy and drying, lips may also feel parched and flaky. To keep lips looking shiny and fresh, these athletes use a gloss to add some sheen and keep them looking their best. "I like Covergirl ShineBlast lip gloss because it gives my lips beautiful shine and lasts for hours," says bobsled gold medalist Vonetta Flowers.

Because they are always on the go, training across the country and competing around the world, these U.S. Olympic athletes look for products they can find easily, even when they're away from home. To keep your look in gold medal condition, take the extra steps that will fight off the beauty-diminishing effects of winter.

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