Monday, February 8, 2010

ShaToBu Giveaway - The Workout You Wear

I have been testing the ShaToBu, This new type of undergarment promises to help you Shape, Tone and Burn while you wear it. Studies show that ShaToBu helps users burn 12% extra calories. I am thrilled to partner with ShaToBu to offer Pink Lemonade readers a chance to win a ShaToBu of your very own.

I am pleased to report that my own research continues to be have positive results. I find the ShaToBu garment to be quite comfortable. It not only provides extra resistance with every step, it gives me a nice shape under my clothes. Unlike control top pantyhose, which often give me a flat bottomed look, the ShaToBu gives me a lifted appearance to my bottom and slimmer thighs.

Let us know why you think ShaToBu would be helpful in your daily lives. Check out for more information. We'll have 6 lucky winners so this is an exciting one to enter.

Winners will be selected at random and then a ShaToBu rep will be in touch to make sure you select the proper garment to fit your needs. Stop by to enter. Good luck!

All the best in health and fitness,

- Coach Jenn

Please note, this giveaway is sponsored by - all entried must be made at that site - any entries made here at Pink Lemonade will not qualify for the giveaway.


angelface said...

What an exciting new item!! My job has me sitting at a computer Mon-Fri, but I try to get out of my cubicle as much as I can throughout the day -- still, I really wish I could spend more time walking than sitting, and some days I'm just too busy. ShaToBu would help me increase the benefits of those times when I can get away and walk. Adding (hidden) resistance training to walking is genius! No one in my office needs to know what I'm up to... I can't wait for ShaToBu to become available!! Thanks


theprophecygirl said...

I have a lot of work to do after a tough pregnancy & a long time of bed rest (read: atrophy). I need my workout to be more effective and burning and toning throughout my day will help me regain my body. ShaToBu sounds like a perfect help-meet-my-goal product, so I can love my body sooner. Thanks for the chance! theprophecygirl at hotmail dot com