Friday, February 12, 2010

Why I Love Children

As we approach a weekend celebrating love, I thought I would share with you some of the reasons I love children. While there are days that I think I am going to go crazy with five little ones underfoot, I truly love children. They bring a completely different perspective and sweetness to life. Here is a list, in no particular order of why I love children:
  1. They are brutally honest! They don’t mince words; they tell it like it is.
  2. They forgive quickly. One minute they are angry and the next they are giving you hugs. They don’t hold grudges like we do as adults.
  3. They enjoy the simple things in life. A cardboard box, falling snow, puddles for jumping; all are filled with infinite possibilities in the mind of a child.
  4. Cuddling. Seriously, what is better on a chilly morning than snuggling up under a blanket and reading a book or watching cartoons with your little ones? Sure, you can cuddle with your spouse, but he will usually have an ulterior motive.
  5. They smile often. Somewhere during our teen and adult years, we seem to unlearn the simple joy of smiling. Children smile often and when my children smile, they help remind me to smile. It sure feels good to smile 
  6. They don’t let a fear of failure keep them from having fun. Turn on music, and a child will dance with abandon. They proudly sing, in tune or not, along with their favorite songs.

I am so lucky to be the mother of five amazing children, who continually teach me through their examples. What do you love most about children?

- Christine

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