Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Back Away from the Knick Knacks!!!

You call them tzotchke, I call them knick knacks and others use the term bric-a-brac. Call it what you may but it still all needs to be dusted. Everyone knows somebody who has WAY TOO MANY knick knacks. You all know what it’s like to go to that person’s house and feel overwhelmed or afraid you’ll knock them over and break them. There’s that Aunt that has cat stuff everywhere or that sweet, little, old lady neighbor that has embroidered, lacy doilies under all of her teeny, little knick knacks. You find yourself looking around their houses in amazement not having realized they made all those different cat collectibles, pillows, throws, coffee mugs, sweaters or appliqu├ęd sweatshirts. Come on you know you think it too!!

My husband and I know people who are actively trying to sell their house. I can’t believe how many different kinds of knick knacks they have everywhere in their home. No exaggeration they have crystal figures, Disney figures, horse figures, Precious Moments, Cherished Teddies, wooden figures, spoons; basically if there’s a collectible made they have it. Sadly, they don’t realize it is all of these collections everywhere along with all of the family photos and “kid stuff” that makes it difficult for people to envision themselves living in their home. I tried to put it to them delicately that all of the knick knacks were overwhelming and perhaps they should be packed up early for the move. They didn’t want to hear it!! Instead the knick knacks stay and they have reduced their price, beat up their realtor for Open Houses and they’ve reveled in their denial. House still hasn’t sold!!!

I like collectibles myself but as the mom of a busy, busy, busy Preschooler and his sister the Kindergartener; I find peace in the simplicity of leaving them packed away. Don’t feel as though you have to cover every inch of every surface with “stuff” to make your home special. If you love a specific collection then by all means display it. Then take it down, pack it away and bring it back out again in 6 months or a year to keep it feeling special. When I was younger, I too, was a victim of feeling as though I should display everything I ever received as a gift. I felt bad for getting rid of the favors from weddings of the people I love. Then I realized that people who love me give me things they think I’ll like so I can enjoy them not so I’ll have more dusting to do.  Free yourself of the knick knacks!!!

My sister has a beautiful collection of Llardo figurines given to her over the years by her loving husband who picks them up as he’s traveling with the military. Those are cherished pieces for them that hold parts of their love story and I enjoy seeing them each time we’re at my sister’s home. The decorating lesson you should take away today is that if you love a collection then display it beautifully, tastefully and intermittently. Get a curio cabinet to keep them safe, dust free and breakage free especially if my kids come to your house.

Happy Decorating!


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