Friday, March 26, 2010

Sports Fun on the Cheap!

Do you have a budding sports fan who is always begging to go see a “real game”? If you are like me, the price of tickets to sporting events gets in the way of enjoying a good ole sporting event together. A great solution to this problem is right in your community. You probably pass by it regularly and don’t even realize that it is the answer to you sports problems…Your local High School. Yep, your local High School is a perfect source for athletic performances of many kids. From football to swimming, you can find something for each sports fan in your family.

Here are some reasons why you should take your children to a High School sporting event:
  • Your kids can see a sporting event for cheap! Some events are even free and others cost a few dollars. (All of which usually goes right back into the athletic programs at the school)
  • Supporting your community-The athletes you are watching live around you. They may be your neighbors down the street; have younger siblings that go to school with your kids; go to the same church. These kids don’t get paid for what they do. They go to school all day, stay after school to train, then to home to do homework. They are hard working teenagers who love what they do.
  • Your kids will see real people succeeding- It is one thing to watch the elite play ball. Sure they are great because they are the pros, but watching local kids succeed in sports helps a kid see that they too can be great if they are willing to work hard!
  • Concessions are so much cheaper! You go to a pro sports event and you will go broke buying a hot dog and soda. At a high school game, the concessions cost less and your money goes to a great cause. Do you see those kids selling you your hot dog and popcorn? They are probably members of an after school club, off season sports team or part of a musical group raising money to keep their programs running. They aren’t paid for the hours they are working the concession stand; they are volunteering their time so they can continue to enjoy the programs and sports in which they participate.
  • It’s just plain fun! I have great memories of attending our local high school Homecoming games when I was young. We didn’t really know anyone who played on the team, but we enjoyed the feeling of community and the fun of watching a good old high school football game.

So go out there and find a high school sporting even today! You can easily find out their schedules by looking at the website for your local high school. Track and Field is in season right now, and provides lots of different events for your little sports fan (I am not even a little biased towards track having been a high school track at all).

- Christine

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