Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring is Around the Corner

Yep, that bright orange ball in the sky is really the sun and ready or not it is coming to stay, or at least visit occasionally. And that means, the kids will be clamoring to play outside. Mine have already begun to drag out the bikes and ride on toys and spend a good portion of the day outside.

While this time outdoors is absolutely heavenly after the long winter months spent inside (come on, admit it, you have been begging for sunshine for weeks now, simply so you can get a couple minutes of peace and quiet.) we have to remember that, although it is cool outside, the sun can still cause damage to your child’s skin. It is just as important to use sunscreen in cool weather as it is in the heat of the summer.

Another battle that arises as the sun peeks its face from behind the clouds is the helmet battle. Here in Utah there is NOT a law mandating that children wear a bicycle helmet. Therefore I often hear the argument that “so and so doesn’t have to wear a helmet” and “why do I have to wear a helmet? So and so doesn’t!” I simply use my standard answer when my children try to compare family rules: “In our family we…(you can fill in the blank here).” Bicycle helmets are not optional in our house. I wear one; my husband wears one and my children wear them when they ride.

Keep your kids healthy and safe as they play outside. Make sure they use protective gear when they ride bicycles, scooter, skateboards and more and keep their skin protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun by using sunscreen. Maybe that familiar scent will hasten the arrival of summer…or then again maybe not, but at least you can feel confident that you are protecting your little ones. (And enjoy the moments of quiet!)

- Christine

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Cascia said...

Great tips, Chris! My kids love to play outside and ride their bikes when the weather gets nice. I still have to get a new bike helmet for my son.