Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Tea for Your Well-Being - GIVEAWAY - CLOSED

Most of us reach for some sort of pharmaceutical when seasonal ailments strike. But most of the time, we can alleviate the symptoms of our discomforts with more something more natural, more soothing... something like tea.

Celestial Seasonings offers a full line of teas to help with many of your seasonal symptoms. Wondering exactly which Celestial Seasonings tea will work for your specific needs? Visit their Tea for All that Ails You chart - it will help you decide exactly which one will help you feel better.

Celestial Seasonings Senior Blendmaster Charlie Baden discusses the health benefits of herbs and recommends certain combinations and teas to ease seasonal cold and flu ailments:

Now that you are aware of all of the possibilities of tea, we have a great opportunity for one lucky reader!

We have one Celestial Seasonings Natural Wellness Kit which includes: Four wellness teas to ease symptoms associated with the cold and flu - Sleepytime Extra, Echinacea Complete Care and Tummy Mint. Two green teas to support a healthy immune system year round - Authentic Green Tea and Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea. Mug, soothing lip balm, honey sticks and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Bear and the book “Herbs for Health and Happiness” by Celestial Seasonings founder Mo Siegel and Nancy Burke(a $60 value) to give away to one lucky reader... But in addition to a giveaway, this one has an added catch...

The winner will be shipped their Natural Wellness Kit and then will write a review (you can post it to your blog or submit it to us at Pink Lemonade) along with a picture of you enjoying your tea!

There are several ways to enter - here are the rules:

Please note: Your email address MUST either be in your comment or available on your blogger profile or your entry will NOT count!! - Giveaways are open to those with a US shipping address ONLY.

  • Leave us a comment here at Pink Lemonade - share with us how you have used tea to help you feel better in some way.

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This contest ends Sunday, March 14th at 11:59pm (pdst) so don't wait - make sure you've gotten all seven entries! Please note: entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to drawing a winner.

- Liz

~Please note that Celestial Seasonings Provided Pink Lemonade with a “Natural Wellness Kit ” prize pack.


Tamara B. said...

I use hot tea with a teaspoon of honey when I have a scratchy throat and it always soothes my throat pain.

Tamara B. said...

I am a subscriber by email.

Tamara B. said...

I am a subscriber in RSS.

Tamara B. said...

I am a fan on Facebook (Tamara Bennington)

Tamara B. said...

I am a member of Club Pink Lemonade
(Tamara Bennignton)

MegaMom9 (same on Facebook & Twitter!) said...

I'm on Twitter at MegaMom9 :)

MegaMom9 (same on Facebook & Twitter!) said...

I've used herbal teas for illnesses for decades. Our family favorites are Throat Coat for sore throats and SleepyTime for bedtime. I would love to discover more fabulous teas!

Kelly said...

I drink tea with honey whenever I'm sick and I usually feel better fast. I gargle. This is the key to soothing your throat.

Kelly said...

Follow on twitter.


Kelly said...

Fan on FB.

Kelly Coleman