Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TV Tech 101

Today, we introduce our first article in the technology & gadget area.  This is the first in a series on buying a new televison...

Buying Electronics is tough enough already and personally in my mind it ranks right up there with going to the car dealership. UGH!! I’m a woman and they’re going to try to sell me everything I do NOT need for that simple reason.

Plasma, LCD, LED, High Definition, Blu ray, the list goes on and on; when most consumers walk into an Electronics store they’re already in overload. Nothing like feeling cold, clammy and shaky while having some smooth talking salesman throw words at you like high def, LED, LCD or 1080P…..wait slow down my English to Electronics Dictionary doesn’t seem to have all of those phrases. Somebody please get me the Cliff Notes or quickly bring me the Buying TV’s for Dummies DVD before my head explodes!!!

The average consumer can really be at a loss when trying to make a home entertainment purchase. Let’s be honest usually those retailers you walk into don’t make these choices any easier either. It is almost like they thrive on your confusion and disorientation while piling on cables, connectors, remotes, woofers. Who wouldn’t be confused?

Nothing beats looking at a wall of televisions staring you in the face and you are trying to see what one has the best picture. Unless you brought your oscilloscope, ISF certification source material, a laptop and some cans of energy drink this could get long, monotonous and overwhelming. It seems that nothing can be simple when purchasing some home entertainment products.

Now words like Plasma, LCD,and Bluray have become a household words and part of our daily lives. Now to add more confusion to the befuddled masses we’ll introduce eco- friendly televisions; not to be confused with Energy Star compliant TV’s. Now on top of looking for the latest and greatest television, we have to worry about power consumption now too?

... to be continued...


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