Monday, June 21, 2010

Get there.... without losing it

Road Trip... The thought of the word strikes fear into the hearts of parents and kids alike.  The parent fears the arguments, the constant "How much further?" and the "I'm bored"... not to mention the smell that wafts from the backseat.  Kids dread the long hours sitting with not much to do - being forced to count cows, colors of cars or keep track of the states on the license plates of passing cars.  Each generation has something that might make them hesitant to depart on a long driving trek - but there is one thing that both groups of passengers hate.... getting lost.  Sure, sometimes it can lead to a really neat discovery, but most times it only leads to Mom getting mad because Dad won't stop and ask directions - or even worse, you could end up in an unsafe area - lost.

Wouldn't it be great if there was just one little device that could keep you on track and keep you safe?  Well, wish no more because Motorola has introduced the MOTONAV TN700 and TN500 navigation devices. 

When the folks at Motorola heard that the fam and I were planning a road trip, they asked if I would like to try one out and see how I liked it.  I received a Motorola Motonav TN700 series device and, although I've never used a PND (personal navigation device) before, found it fairly easy to figure out.  I read the instruction manual, charged the unit up and we were ready to head out.  Entering the destination information is pretty straightforward, using the touchscreen - hit enter and you're on your way!  The device mounted easily to my windshield in the position of my choice using the provided suction cup mounting device (be sure to check with any local regulations regarding the placement of your device for your specific area) - plug the unit into the power outlet (or cigarette lighter - do cars even have those anymore?) and you're ready to roll. 

Along the route, our PND (who we nicknamed "Marge") guided us through our trip, turn by turn with voice navigation so the driver never had to take their eyes off from the road to see where we were going next.  We were amazed by this tiny device - it knew how fast we were going  (and when we were even a mile or two faster than the speed limit, outlined our speed limit in red so we would know to back off on the gas).  It knew where photo-enforced intersections were and even warned us if we were coming up on a dangerous intersection.  If we missed a turn for any reason, the device recalculated our route and immediately got us back to where we needed to be.  Even better yet, just as the box promised - it "Played nice with my phone" - meaning it is bluetooth enabled so with a quick setup, it talks to my cellphone anytime I turn it on and allows for hands-free calling! (which in some states is mandated - but definitely a great idea even it it's not a law where you live)  A couple of quick clicks and my cellphone's phone book was downloaded to the device for hands-free outgoing calls too!  The device also accepts voice commands for the navigation portion so you'll never have to take your hands off from the wheel to navigate either.

The MOTONAV can also help you make better driving decisions with MotoExtras, a service that displays local search results so you’ll always find the places and things you need. MotoExtras also displays other helpful information such as streaming traffic updates for your specific route, local fuel price comparisons, weather forecasts, and flight status updates. You can search for the things you're looking for with voice-prompted search powered by Bing. Just one touch and you are connected to stock quotes, horoscopes, travel information, sports, movie times, and more. The MotoExtra service is enabled by Bluetooth and do not require a separate data plan, but a subscription fee is required after the initial 90-day free trial.

The device unclicks from the suction-cup mount quickly for easy storage in the glove compartment or you can take it with you if you're going to be on foot (although the battery life was rather limited).

We were thrilled with the MOTONAV TN700 series PND and can definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a navigation device for their car.   For more information on the Motorola MOTONAV devices, pop over to their website and take a virtual test drive to see all of the great things the MOTONAV can do.
Just think, a road trip without the worries - of course, we still can't help you with the smell from the backseat...
- Liz

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade was given a Motorola MOTONAV TN700 series PND device for review purposes and Motorola generously allowed us to keep the device after the review period.

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