Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Speakers Matter when shopping for TV’s

You’re buying a television on picture quality not the sound; keep in mind the flatter the television gets the less room there are for speakers. The fact is some manufacturers are now making televisions without speakers (this is where we want to do our research). It stinks to bring home a $2,000 TV, plug it in turn it on and say “how come there isn’t any sound?”

Those add on sales might not be an add on

Imagine you bring home your new High Definition Flat panel television, the family gathers around ripe with anticipation, you put in the latest “must have” movie, movie starts; there’s no sound!! Then it starts, “turn it up, I can’t hear it”. Sadly, you will not be the first or the last person this happens to after buying a new TV. As we trend towards ”the flatter, the better” in TV’s, one of the items being sacrificed is the audio / speaker portion of the TV’s!!! Who would have thought that TV companies would take out the speakers? A flatter TV has a great, super flat picture but no speakers to generate sound to accompany this awesome picture!! Remember you are usually buying a TV on picture quality which most manufactures bank on now and not the quality of the TV’s audio. It would be too easy if it was all a package deal like it was back in the old console TV days.

Next time you visit your local retailer take notice that most of the TV’s don’t have the sound on or in some cases not even hooked up. The reason for this is that they want to take you into the speaker area to hear the audio portion; thus add on selling begins! Don’t be alarmed!! They aren’t trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge cheap. Take a few moments to listen; let your guard down and let them educate you. They are trying to teach you and make sure that you are not disappointed with your purchase. Trust me having known a few different TV salesmen; they’re passionate about their TV viewing so listen to their advice and you’ll experience incredible TV viewing. It will be like going to the movies each time you turn on the TV.

It might be confusing but if speakers are being installed into these flat panels they’re only about the size of a quarter; which can only produce enough sound to replicate that of head phone speakers. While they sound great in your actual ear and do produce sound it will never be enough to fill the living room for family movie night. Items like a center channel, subwoofers and surround speakers might seem confusing but there is an added value to these items. So don’t think of it as a sales associate trying to make more commission by getting you just to purchase something else. They are educating you and trying to understand your TV needs to make sure that you are not disappointed with your purchase. Tell them if you like to play Xbox, Wii or Play station for hours or if you have 800 movies in your video library; it helps them find the best fit for your viewing pleasure.

Technology changes and grows with great picture quality, thinner TV’s, gravity defying brackets to hang TV’s and speakers that make you think an airplane is landing on your lap. Speakers can easily be forgotten or dismissed during the purchase and it’s often not very frequently discussed when doing your research prior to purchasing a Television. Tough economic times have resulted in some people cutting back on family movie outings and caused them to stay home more often. If you have a rocking surround sound system to accessorize your life-like TV picture; simply eliminating one movie night a month for a family of four could potentially pay for a great investment in surround sound speakers. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at the movies every night but get to lay on the couch in your pj’s right?


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