Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back-to-School Organizing

It's that time of year... the date on the calendar has been circled since June - time for the kiddos to go back to their usual routines.  Sending the kids back to school means you'll, once again, have time to get the things done that you've been putting off since the last school bell rang in June.  But having all that free time can leave you wondering exactly what to do first... and when can you fit it in?  The easiest way to stay on top of things is to get organized with planners and more...

A good planner can become invaluable to keeping your life running smoothly - Doctors appointments, Parent-Teacher conferences, Meetings and more - they can all become overwhelming if you don't keep track of everything.  Simply jotting your planned activities into your planner can help you know what's coming up and make sure that you don't over schedule or (even worse) miss an appointment.  I use my planner to keep my calendar, schedule my to-do list for the day, store important phone numbers and addresses, keep notes on topics I'd like to write about - I even use it to jot down my grocery list!

My favorite motto is "Simple Habits Keep Your Home Running Smoothly" and the habit of using your planner is definitely the basis for keeping it all together.  Want to find a great planner for yourself?  There are some really great coupons for Franklin Covey organizers -  some of the best and most functional planners to be found anywhere around - go check them out and begin getting your life organized today!

- Liz

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