Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Gym Required - Vacation Fitness Tips

August is the most popular month for vacationers to get away. But jet setters and road trippers don’t have to lose that summer six-pack just because you're away from the gym.

Leading fitness expert Jennifer Cohen of No Gym Required offers tips for travelers to stay fit wherever your adventures may take you.

No Gym? No Problem!


Stuck in the airport?

Airports are a great place to workout. There is a ton of open space to move around and if you're in a dead terminal, you can probably get away with actually going for a run without drawing attention to yourself. Great options include power walks, lunges, squats, dips using waiting area chairs, and push-ups if you're courageous enough!

Long flight?

Sitting for prolonged periods has been shown to be one of the most detrimental things to your health. Take a short walk down the aisles and stretch your legs at least once per hour of flight. Great things to do while in your seat include taking your shoes off and making fists with you toes and releasing, tricep dips, and tightening and relaxing your core. Do these for about 10-15 minutes every two hours of flight time.

On a road trip?

Give up trying to get there in record time and stop to enjoy the view! One thing I like to do is Google what attractions and things of interest are on the way. That gives me added reasons to stop, walk around, stretch, and exercise. Just 10-15 minutes of moving around is great for the body and gets the blood flowing.

Hitting the beach?

Bring a friend! Bring games! Either a frisbee, volleyball, football, or paddle ball set should be in your beach bag with the towel and sun screen. If you're going solo don't be shy to walk up to someone and ask if they like to play. Sports are always a great way to meet new people!

In a hotel room?

Pack a jump rope. Try doing 30 minutes of cardio exercise, which can be broken up into 10-minute bursts. Use your jump rope, which can be easily packed in your suitcase. If you want to do a little more, get yourself a pre-made travel gym. No Gym Required has a great one with lots of goodies in it.


The best way to stay fit while camping is to explore. I like to set up my tent as far as possible from where I park the car. During the day, go hiking and canoeing to new areas and explore your surroundings. If your prone to getting lost remember to bring a map and keep your bearings!

Staycation at home?

Even getting in one strength workout and two or three cardio workouts while you are on a week-long vacation can make a big difference. Let's face it, household chores can be quite a workout. Get things done around the house and you'll be able to preserve most, if not all, of your fitness, and you'll have more energy. The key is to maintain your usual activity levels. A vacation doesn't mean you should do nothing!"

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i totally agree. we dont need to be in a gym to workout. there a simple and light equipment u can carry aound with you when you travel.