Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to stay fresh while getting fit

Getting fit makes you feel good inside and out. When you exercise, your clothes fit better, your energy levels get a boost and it helps the stresses of your life melt away in a pure endorphin rush. Luckily, no matter where you live, it's easier than ever to get exercise all year round so that you can maintain your health and fitness.

Whether you're pounding the pavement or hitting the gym, keep in mind that beauty and working out aren't mutually exclusive. With a bit of smart preparation, you'll be feeling good during your fitness routine and gorgeously glowing afterward. Keep these ideas in mind to help you look great, even between workouts.

* High and dry: High temperatures might be what we crave during colder months, but when you're being active, they can make you feel less than your best. For a new way to stay fresh and dry, The Body Shop offers its DeoDry collection - it gives you 24-hour protection and contains no aluminum salts or parabens. Powered by a volcanic mineral that has powerful absorption abilities, the deodorants will help you stay dry during your hardest workouts.

* In the drink: As you work out, it's natural that your body will shed water in the form of sweat, and it's essential that you keep your body's fluid levels up. Dehydration can cause everything from discomfort to serious sickness, so don't let your body down. Even when you're not working out, hot days call for extra hydration. The added benefits are that drinking more water can help to keep your skin clear and your appetite sated.

* Face forward: The exertion of exercising can be a pore-clogging nightmare. That's why it's particularly important to have a good skin care regime adapted to your skin's needs. To keep your skin radiant and in balance, keep products like a refreshing mist spritz and an exfoliating cleanser on hand and in your medicine cabinet. The Body Shop Vitamin C skincare line has those two essential items and more - including a must-have SPF 30 daily moisturizer.

* Hair apparent: Swimming's a great way to stay active - whether in the pool or the ocean - but it can take a toll on your locks. Whatever your activities, it's important to use an eco-friendly shampoo - after all, a good choice for the environment can be a good choice for you, too. The Rainforest Hair Care collection from The Body Shop will leave your tresses shiny and manageable and is free of parabens, silicone and colorants. Even better, all the formulations are biodegradable so they are not harmful to organisms living in the water. If your tresses are stressed out, be sure to give them a deep conditioning treatment, too.

Whether your inspiration is getting healthy or a beauty boost, exercise is the best way to do it. Taking advantage of the opportunity to work out, regardless of the season, with these thoughts in mind will help you look your best, throughout the year. For more information, go to

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