Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My New Favorite Workout - Turbo Fire

After making huge strides with P90X, Insanity and ChaLEAN Extreme, I’ve was looking for my next challenge. Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Jam
and the Turbo Kick workouts at clubs like 24 Hour Fitness and LA Fitness has created an amazing cardio conditioning program called, Turbo Fire.

The Turbo Fire DVD’s really helped me to make some additional changes that I’d been seeking. I have seen changes in my body and my stamina for activities like running, tennis, really anything requiring cardio stamina and intensity.

The High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) gave me a great workout every time. Turbo Fire also creates an “After Burn” effect which really does work miracles. You do have to work hard to see results, but I think it was so worth it and so much fun. Chalene Johnson is such a great instructor and motivator. She has such a
positive attitude and energy to burn. It is contagious when you workout with her. She won’t even let you feel negativity or tired. She always seems to say the right thing at the right time to help me stay
motivated enough to keep moving. The music to the workouts are also really energizing and fun.

The basic Turbo Fire set comes with 12 different workouts. I never get bored and the variety of moves and intensity always keeps my body guessing.

The claim is that with Turbo Fire you will burn up to 9 times more fat than you would with other workout programs. Because of the After Burn effect you will have an accelerated metabolism for 24 to 48 hours after you finish a Turbo Fire workout. By working out really intensely for awhile and then cooling down repeatedly you will be able to make more progress than just working out at one intensity. It certainly seems to be working for me.

I am so glad that I tried Turbo Fire and gave it all that I had. Turbo Fire workout has definitely helped me make changes for the better.

In addition to the 12 DVDs, Turbo Fire also includes:

Turn Up the Burn Fitness Guide
Get more in the know about HIIT and why TurboFire really works.

TurboFire Class Schedule
We’ve taken the guesswork out of working out so you can get the best results.

TurboFire Lower-Body Band
Add definition and build long, lean muscles with this body-sculpting band.

Fuel the Fire Nutrition Guide
Maintain high energy while you train with easy-to-prepare snacks and recipes.

The TurboFire 5-Day Inferno Plan
See how you can lose up to 10 pounds in 5 days.

The program retails for $120, but that’s only $12 per workout and you get so many extras. I think it is so worth every penny. Plus, you get a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are interested in getting
Turbo Fire shop my site at You get my free fitness coaching with any purchase. I love helping other women and moms get in the best shape EVER!

"We are all athletes in the game of life. Train like one!"

- Coach Jenn

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