Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tired of that plastic claw clip? - Review and GIVEAWAY - CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED

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You know what I'm talking about... those ugly, plastic claw hair clips that, although convenient, are literally, well... a pain in the head!  The plastic is cheap looking, breaks easily and (in my opinion) worst of all, makes you hold your head at an awkward angle when you're driving because you can't put your head back or the clip will poke you.  As much as I hate to say it, I too, am guilty of wearing these - in fact I have a pretty large stash of them in my house but they're not for hair anymore. 

I've found an ingenious new product, the Flexi-8 hair clip!  The Flexi-8 is an attractive, flexible, durable and comfortable alternative to the plastic Claw clip.  When I first saw them, it was obvious how beautiful they are, but I am unlucky enough to have thin, baby fine hair so I never figured it would stay in place - but was I wrong!  
The Flexi-8 comes in six sizes, from the mini 2" to the x-large 5 1/4" pin so there a size for every type of hair - and best of all... THEY STAY PUT!  In fact, it has been hailed as everything from the "wonder bra for hair" to a "god-send".  The Flexi-8 has become so popular via word-of-mouth, blogs and boards that we have shipped to over 39 different countries all over the globe.  The Flexi-8 hair clip has been only found at Craft Shows, Festivals and the company websites, and has been virtually unheard of...so far.

The great folks at Flexi-8 sent me a few samples so I could try them for myself and, although I was doubtful, I gave them a shot. I used several of the sizes, from the mini and x-small to hold a half-up ponytail, they even worked on a half-up on my 8 year old! The small and medium worked perfectly if I wanted to do a "french twist" type of updo.

These clips are lightweight and best of all, they don't stick out several inches away from your head so they're comfortable no matter what you're doing.  The pin that holds them in place is attached so it can't be lost and they're so easy to use! It isn't often that I find something that will actually stay in my hair without modification (I have been known to glue pieces of rubber band inside heavy barrettes so they would stay in my hair) - but these flexi-8's worked straight out of the package and stayed in all day without having to be adjusted.  Both my daughter and I love them and wear them often.  So what do I use all of those plastic claw clips for now?... They ARE very useful for something... keeping chip bags closed!

You can purchase your very own Flexi-8 at http://www.flexi8.com/.

If you use coupon code 543626 , you will get either 10% OFF or allows you to BUY 4 Flexi-8"s and receive the 5TH FREE!

If you would like to have a chance to try Flexi-8's for yourself, we are giving away two flexi-8's to one lucky winner!

Giveaways on Pink Lemonade are now easier than ever to enter!

Simply go to http://www.flexi8.com/ and watch the video for sizing, comment on why you are the size you are and which design in your size you like the most and why - (please note that it is very important that you watch the sizing video before you choose a size in order to assure proper fit).

This contest ends Tuesday, September 21st at 11:59pm (pdst) so don't wait - enter now!

Please note:

entries received after the cutoff time will be deleted prior to drawing a winner.

Your email address MUST either be in your comment or available on your blogger profile or your entry will NOT count!! - Giveaways are open to those with a US shipping address ONLY.

Complete rules can be found on our Contest page.

Please Note:  Pink Lemonade received five (5) flexi-8 hair clips for review purposes.
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andrea v said...

extra small Intriguing open heart with aurora borealis crystal dangles

vickers at comcast dot net

Joy said...

Princess tiara dangle with tiny heart beadwork is a small because I have fine hair.

MegaMom9 (same on Facebook & Twitter!) said...

I am always looking for new hair clips and totally LOVE these!!! Thank you! LisaAnn at LHY5

Roman style cross with stone-set in antique brass @yahoo.com

tatertot374 said...

I like The Perfect purple stone cluster with matching beadwork in a large as I have curly thick hair
Thank you

Brenda said...

Crown of hearts complete with danglie of pretty pink


Nanci said...

I would be a size small because I have fine, curly medium length hair. I like the Celtic Cross with corrugated round beads

Anonymous said...

I would use the small because I have fine hair and I like the Floral covered heart with pink and burgundy flower beads. I think it is very pretty and flattering.
kathyluman@gmail dot com

aerialkabuki said...

Medium versions of Etched tiger lily: very bright and pretty, and Celtic Interlace due to my Celtic heritage.
heatherkowens at yahoo dot com

Dreamin' said...

Perfect purple stone cluster. Can't wait to (hopefully) win this!

susan said...

I would love the extra small clip for a ponytail, the princess tiara dangle I have very fine hair. suelee1998 @ gmail.com

amy16323 said...

Crown of hearts complete with danglie of pretty pink

Valeen said...

I would order the medium because I have medium length curly hair and I'd love to have the Princess tiara with the 'Freestyle' array of colors.


sweepyhead at gmail dot com

Aisling said...

I have very thick medium-long hair so the large size would be ideal for me when I wear my hair up. I'd probably need a medium for a half-up style. My favorite Flexi-8 is the Mighty celtic knot with antiqued accents.

Jennifer said...

Large - Mighty celtic knot with antiqued accents

Jodi said...

Small - Intricate soaring butterfly with purple-iris metallic beads


scarter305 said...

I would get the Princess tiara dangle with mini heart beads in medium because i have reasonably thick curly hair

scarter305 at aol dot com

~*~lilshuga2001~*~ said...

Princess tiara dangle with mini heart beads - L

faithfullyfrugal said...

I would choose the Lite Pink Fairy with matching pink beadwork in xsmall. It would be for my daughter who has fine shoulder lenghth hair.

Thank you for the entry,


mrssquigg said...

I would be an extra small since I can only put up about half of my hair due to getting headaches when all of it is up. I like the Fairy with aurora borealis faceted crystal as fairies are my favorite creature and I love the color of the beads.

mrssquigg @ comcast.net

Heather said...

I am a size medium because I have course, wavy hair below shoulder length. I like the medium elegant style center with clear stone-set and dangles because the design is unique and beautiful...plus it has dangles! Sweet!
heatherpooh (hotmail)

Pamela S said...

I have somewhat thick and wavy hair, so I'd probably need a medium when down and a large when wearing it in an updo! I like the Celtic Knot. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)aol(DOT)com

purango said...

I am a size medium. That is the size of my hair. I like the Princess tiara dangle with lovely rose beads in antique gold. garrettsambo@aol.com

Gianna said...

Appealing open heart with crystal dangles large because I have very long, thick curly hair.