Friday, October 15, 2010

Discount Halloween Costumes

FROM FRIGHTENING TO FASHIONABLE Presents the Top Tips for Celebrating Halloween in Style

Shouldn’t wear your sexy Super Woman get-up to the annual office Halloween party? Prefer to look chic – not scary – for the October 31st festivities? Spreadshirt , a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling "me-shirts"--stylish conversation-starters that people love to wear—is offering the top trends for Halloween 2010 for style-conscious partygoers and trendy trick-or-treaters.

“This year’s big costume trends include modern day vampires, Lady Gaga and over the top blockbuster movie and 80’s-inspired costumes,” said Spreadshirt’s Trend Expert, Kristina Michniak. “Spreadshirt always makes it fun and easy for trick-or-treaters of all ages to customize their own stylish take on the latest trends.”

Spreadshirt recommends the following tips for perfecting your look, while still looking fun & festive for the holiday:

1. Ghosts Can Be Girly – It doesn’t have to be all about blood, guts & gore. Don’t be afraid to incorporate a feminine color into your Halloween-wear with a color like pink or purple, or opt for details like a heart-shaped spider web.

2. Pumpkins Are So Predictable – Instead of the ubiquitous plastic jack-o'-lantern, put your trick-or-treat loot in a reusable tote bag made of organic cotton as a stylish - and eco-friendly - alternative.

3. Opt for a Classic Tee – Cheeky and fun, costume tees are a great way to be festive, without looking freaky. Go for a belted waist with a faux pirate tee, or an edgier look by showing some ribs .

4. Don’t Forget Fido – Your stylish sidekick shouldn’t go without a festive accessory. We suggest a bandana with a design to reflect their own little personality.

Beginning October 1, 2010 Spreadshirt will offer 15% off all orange, black and white apparel for your trick-or-treating ensembles with the coupon code “october2010”. The promotion will run through October 26th and requires a minimum purchase of $30.

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About Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt ( ) is a leading online platform for creating, buying and selling “me-shirts”, stylish conversation starters that people love to wear. Everyone has ideas and many of them fit on a shirt. We give those ideas the space they deserve: Spreadshirt's customers can let their fantasies run free on over 100 different articles of clothing. They can use their own designs and texts, or use works from other designers. Companies and clubs, artists and bloggers, individuals can also sell their ideas on clothing with Spreadshirt -- in their own free Spreadshirt shop. There are more than 500,000 Spreadshirt shops opened by famous brands, up-and-coming artists, and everyday folks. All they need is some inspiration and 10 minutes. To learn more about Spreadshirt, visit

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