Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hot home helpers under $100: Easy, affordable organization solutions

Feel like there's never enough room in your home to store everything? Chances are you don't need more square footage, you just need to get organized.

"Luckily, getting organized doesn't have to be difficult or expensive," says Danny Lipford, home improvement expert and host of "Today's Homeowner." "The key is to find products that marry innovation and practicality to help make home organization easy."

While overhauling your whole home may seem intimidating, start with the three rooms that tend to be the culprits of chaos - the kitchen, bathroom and garage. Check out these hot home helpers that will soon make your spaces more organized and enjoyable, all at an affordable price.

In the kitchen

Savvy storage
When it's time to put away leftovers, do you struggle to find matching lids and bowls? Or do your plastic storage containers seem to take over your entire storage space? Update your mismatched wares with Smart Spin Storage Containers. They offer three different storage sizes and a holder keeps all the storage containers and universal-sized lids organized in less than one square foot ($20).

Use unused space
Most bathrooms are equipped with accessories to keep towels neat and at your fingertips, so why not use the same organization tools in the kitchen? For less than $25, you can add a towel bar, towel ring or robe hook, such as the Sage or Reed collections at Bed Bath & Beyond, on the side of a cabinet or an island to keep dish towels handy (and off the floor), while adding a stylish look to the kitchen.

In the bathroom

Shower and storage
Space and storage are key concerns in bathroom design; luckily, you can create up to 5 1/2 additional inches of elbow room in the shower, while also adding extra hanging space for daily essentials with the new Double Curved Shower Rod from Moen ($59.99). Double Curved Shower Rods, available at Bed Bath & Beyond, also offer visual appeal with a separate rod for the decorative shower curtain - or provide easily accessible space to hang your towels.

Simple space solution
No matter how organized your bathroom, it's always tough to find a place for the many daily necessities that we want at our fingertips. Now, you can easily keep these items within arm's reach - yet off the vanity - with new Towel Bar Hooks and Shower Rod Hooks from Moen ($10). These ingenious, S-shaped hooks snap right onto your current towel bar or shower rod to offer convenient access for a variety of items, such as clothing, jewelry, towels, travel bags and more.

In the garage

Up and out
When looking for more storage space in the garage, don't forget to look up. Often overlooked, the overhead area is ideal to suspend a variety of larger items, such as bikes, that take up coveted floor space. For only a few dollars, you can purchase large plastic-coated hooks that easily screw into the ceiling joist and allow you to hang the bicycle upside down by the tires. Or try a bike hoist ($39) that also suspends the bike from the ceiling - but uses a pulley to make lifting the bike easier.

Balls, bats and shovels, oh my
Unfortunately, most items stored in the garage are large and irregularly shaped, making it difficult to neatly store them on shelves. Specialized organization systems for sporting goods and lawn equipment are available to confine anything from bats and balls to shovels and rakes. The RacorPro X-Rack Sports Equipment Organizer ($79.99) sets up quickly and easily and the basket design will entice anyone to toss their items in. Or, try the Funnel Fits Long Handle Tool Storage System ($26) that snaps garden tools like shovels, rakes and brooms onto the wall and out of the way.

With a few innovative, practical and affordable products, your home will be more organized in no time. For more information about Moen products, visit http://www.moen.com/ or http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/.

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