Friday, October 15, 2010

Light the way for trick-or-treating with ICON's Link

Halloween is definitely a child’s favorite holiday, but it can sometimes cause stress on the parents. As the night falls, kids are running from house to house in the dark, which can be nerve-wracking and dangerous. This Halloween, ease your worries and help light the way with ICON’s Link - a light weight LED flashlight that will keep your child safe.

The modern design of the Link ( features a fully integrated carabiner that allows the device to be clipped almost anywhere –either to your child’s costume or for you to lead the way. Its power-regulated LED maximizes output and runtime, which makes it a long-lasting light option. The Link is offered in a stylish orange color (perfect for Halloween!) and has an ergonomic "clickie" tailcap switch for ease between two output levels. Link's high-beam light setting gives off 50 lumens of light for navigability in the dark. Its compact, four-inch body is sealed with O-rings to make it waterproof.

Make Halloween a little less stressful this year with the Link.

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