Friday, October 15, 2010

The Top Halloween Apps for the Season

With Halloween creeping up on us, we wanted to help participators get in the spirit of things early and help prepare for the long awaited, spook-filled night. Whether you are going to be playing at work, at that eerie Halloween party, or welcoming a slew of Trick-or-Treaters to your home, we wanted to offer the Top Halloween Apps to add to the fun. Many of these apps are family and kid-friendly.

GetJar—the world’s second largest mobile app store (next only to Apple) has a list of the top Halloween apps in categories such as: games, pranks, pictures, recipes, music/sounds, and books. For instance, download the app, Horror Attack and get a list of the scariest pranks to play on your friends and make shivers run down their spine.
Halloween Game Apps

· Dragon and Dracula 3D V1.01– Green-skinned friend, a disaster of saber-toothed bats returns, this time in all the glory of fascinating 3-Dimensional universe, providing absolute freedom of movements and full vision of real world. Intriguing large labyrinths full with various clumsy scum are shivering, waiting for the enraged lord of the sky. (2009. 134,940 Downloads)

· M:Vampire – M:Vampire is a vampire RPG created by Moblyng that launches players into the dark world of Dracula and his fanged friends. (2010. 40,443 Downloads)

· Halloween Candy – Mmmm... licorice, candy apple... Indulge yourself with this delicious Halloween game! (2009. 30,745 Downloads)

· HorrorMaze – Help Dracula to collect all the blood potions. (2007. 18,262 Downloads)

· IQ Halloween – Thematic software for celebrating Halloween. Launch the application and enjoy the laughing pumpkin. (2010. 14,304 Downloads)

· Frankenstein Bot Army – Armed with three all time great Bots, defeat Frankenstein at his own game. Launch your Bots and break through Frankenstein`s wall before his Bots breach your wall. Once you are through the wall, you win! (2009. 8,900 Downloads)

· Halloween Winter Ride for Palm OS – A funny Witch has to be in time at the Halloween party riding the broomstick, but her ride is full of unpredictable dangers. You can help the witch to control the broomstick, to avoid the smash with the dropping icicles, enchanted spruces, black cat in the Dracula castle and other devilries on the way. (2007. 262 Downloads)

· Free Hangman – Play the traditional paper and pencil guessing game of hangman on your iPhone or iPod Touch, which includes a Halloween word list to get you in the holiday spirit. (2008. 240 Downloads)

· Haunted – Your mind will struggle to comprehend the absolute heart-stopping experience. Download "HAUNTED" today if you DARE and experience the greatest adrenaline filled ride of your life! (2008. 26 Downloads)


· Horror Attack – The most awaited prank makes its way to your mobile phones, bringing you the scariest pranks to play on your friends. Now, you can scare them like never before using the built-in ‘Scare Machine’ and make them run down shivers. (2010. 5,887 Downloads)

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