Monday, January 10, 2011

Crayola Pop Art Pixies Giveaway - CLOSED - WINNER ANNOUNCED

Crayola’s new Pop Art Pixies activity kit line invites tween girls to enter a world of self-discovery and creativity through the lives of the Pop Art Pixies. These best buds each have their own special interest that sets them apart, giving tweens a chance to find a virtual pal in one or even all of them. Your daughters can get to know the Pop Art Pixies as they enjoy their online world at and by adding their own creative touch to one of the 14 Pop Art Pixies craft projects.

Whether your daughter is eco-friendly and into saving the environment like Skye, loves to throw parties like Tatum, is into music and technology like Naomi, or can’t wait to express her free-spirit like Maya – she’ll love sharing her unique style at Pop Art Pixies Virtual Clubhouse. There, she can create a personal avatar that can “hang out” with the Pop Art Pixies and upload photos of her original masterpieces to share with friends.

Coupled with the special Pop Art Pixies community are 14 activity kits that are tailored to each of the girls’ unique interests. From Skye’s wooden charm bracelet to Tatum’s decoupage glass plate, the Crayola Pop Art Pixies kits will give your daughter a chance to personalize a fun project that lets her character and creativity shine.

Meet Skye! She’s sweet, thoughtful, and always thinking of others and how she can help save the environment. She loves the outdoors, playing soccer, friends, wildlife and hiking.

Skye’s Pop Art Pixies craft kits include: Create a Water Bottle, Wooden Charm Bracelets, Skye’s Herb Garden and Wind Chime kit.

Meet Maya! A free-spirited young lady, Maya lets her inner creativity show and encourages everyone to express themselves without judgment.

Maya’s Pop Art Pixies craft kits include: Create a Glass Pendant, Shadow Box Kit, Create a Water Color Frame and Create a Sun Catcher kit.
Meet Naomi! She is big into technology and music, and can mix music with the best of the best. Music is her life and her DJ spirit inspires her desire to communicate more through actions and sounds than words.

Naomi’s Pop Art Pixies craft kits include: Create a Stationery Box and Create a Color Glow Lamp.
Meet Tatum! The bubbly, social butterfly of the Pixies and famous for her cupcakes, Tatum is fun-loving, outgoing and likes to host parties for her friends because everyday is worth celebrating.

Tatum’s Pop Art Pixies craft kits include: Create a Decoupage Glass Plate, Party Lights kit, and Create a Mosaic Picture Frame.
To get the scoop on the Pop Art Pixies’ latest adventures and inspire creativity in your tween, follow Tatum, Maya, Naomi and Skye through their Pixie Feed on Also, don’t forget to visit Crayola on Facebook or Crayola on Twitter and “Like” or “Follow” the brand to keep up with their latest and greatest fun-filled products. While you’re there, take a minute to share photos of the Pop Art Pixies crafts you create together, as well as the link to your blog post on Crayola’s Facebook Page!

As a member of my blog spark, the great folks at Crayola sent me a Pop Art Pixies Pack that included: Skye’s Wind Chime Kit, Skye’s Water Bottle Kit, Tatum’s Decoupage Glass Plate Kit, Maya’s Glass Pendant Kit, Naomi’s Color Glow Lamp Kit, Maya’s Shadow Box Kit and Naomi’s Bento Stationary Box Kit so my girls could try out the fun new projects.

We have one Crayola Pop Art Pixies prize pack to give away to one lucky reader which will include: Tatum’s “Decoupage Glass Plates” kit, Naomi’s “Create a Color Glow Lamp” kit, Naomi’s “Create a Stationary Box” kit, and Skye’s “Create a Water Bottle” kit courtesy of Crayola!

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Congratulations to Karin!

You are the winner of the Crayola Pop Art Pixies prize pack.  I will be emailing you shortly with instructions for claiming your prize.


Anonymous said...

i like the water bottle kit

Melody said...

I think the Herb Garden would be fun.


Stacy said...

I showed them all to her and she said the Wooden Charm Bracelets looked really COOL!
smtilton @

Betty N said...

I have two granddaughters that would love any/all of these kits. One that I especially like is the Shadow boxes..I think it allows for a lot of creativity.

Karin said...

Naomi’s “Create a Stationary Box" is my choice.

karin56381 (at)