Friday, February 18, 2011

Emergency Relationsh​ip Assistance

Relationship Coaches Offer Emergency Assistance for Urgent Relationship Questions Immediate and Confidential Answers Guaranteed

Women seeking to find and keep the men of their dreams can now get instant answers to their most pressing dating and relationship questions at How to Get the Man of Your, which now offers one-on-one Relationship Coaching chat sessions.

“We created the Urgent Response chat feature for women who prefer an interactive conversation with a Relationship Coach as opposed to our traditional Virtual Coaching platform,” explains Helen Park, Vice President and co-founder of How to Get the Man of Your “Users can now request a chat session and an expert Relationship Coach will be at their service in 15 minutes or less.”

This guarantee is valid between the hours of 8am – 12am PST. The company is so confident in this service that it also offers a 100% money back guarantee if, for any reason, a user does not find the service helpful. Users chat with one of the many highly-experienced, all-male Relationship Coaches of How to Get the Man of Your who pledge to give honest, unbiased, and effective guidance to help women find and keep the men of their dreams. The chat feature starts at just $5 for a five minute session, and is $.99 per minute thereafter.

How to Get the Man of Your was created to help women find and keep the men of their dreams by empowering them with knowledge and personalized guidance from a team of experienced Relationship Coaches. The Relationship Coaches are men who come from a wide array of diverse backgrounds, and possess decades of relationship experience. They are dedicated to offering confidential, honest and unbiased relationship advice in an anonymous setting.

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