Thursday, March 31, 2011

Health Starts Here

If you're like most of us, your New Year's resolution was to get healthy - for some it means dropping pounds, a few or a lot - for others it means beginning an exercise program.  But if you really want either to be effective, you MUST change the way you eat.  If shedding the pounds is your goal, loading your cupboard up with weight-loss shakes and diet bars will probably get you the desired results - you may end up thinner, but will you be any healthier?  Just in case you were wondering... the answer is other than being pounds lighter.. NO.

In order to get healthy, it is imparative that we change the way we eat - and I admit, I am just as guilty as anyone.  It's time to change our way of thinking when it comes to eating - time to stop eating unhealthy food just because it's cheap.  America eats more food than any other country on earth and a huge number of us are malnourished not because we don't eat, but because of WHAT we eat - processed foods void of nutrition serving only the purpose of filling our stomachs not providing our bodies what we need to be healthy.

So what, exactly do we need to do to nourish our bodies and change the way we think about eating?  We have teamed up with Whole Foods Markets as part of their Health Starts Here initiative - a program that isn't about dieting, counting calories or carbs - it's about changing your mindset when it comes to eating.  Eating foods that nourish your body instead of merely filling your stomach and by nourishing your body, you will naturally lower your calories and eliminate the cravings for foods that only fill our tummies.

As part of its Health Starts Here™ initiative - Whole Foods Market is offering all customers nationwide the opportunity to take the Eat Right America ( 28-day Challenge and Online Nutrition Prescription Giveaway to help you kick start a healthy eating journey…for FREEHealth Starts Here™ is a simple, mindful approach to healthy eating that’s rooted in four simple ways to build a better, delicious meal: whole food, plant strong™, nutrient dense, healthy fats.

Many of the chronic diseases in America are diet related. In most cases, these diseases can be reduced and often times reversed by eating the right foods. The Health Starts Here initiative is NOT about fad diets, rapid weight loss and unrealistic and unhealthy goals – it IS about making healthy choices every day that will impact health, vitality and well-being.

The offer is good January – March, 2011 (someone could join as late as Mar. 30 and still do the entire program – you just need to be registered by the end of the promotion to qualify).

The Eat Right America 28-day Challenge encourages participants to take a 28-day pledge to the five cornerstones of healthy eating:

1) A large salad every day

2) At least a half-cup serving of beans/legumes in soup, salad or a dish once daily

3) At least 3 fresh fruits a day

4) At least one ounce of raw nuts and seeds a day

5) At least one large (double-size) serving of steamed green vegetables daily

As an added form of support, Whole Foods Market shoppers are eligible to receive a free online Nutrition Prescription membership, which is an individualized nutritional assessment that offers guidance for a personalized healthy eating plan to achieve optimal health through Eat Right America. The personalized tool includes:

· Nutrient analysis

· Health risk evaluation

· Daily eating plan

· 30-days of step-by-step email support

Challenge participants will receive a daily email for 28 Days with four themes to follow to becoming a Nutritarian (one who eats lots of nutritious foods!):

· Day 1 to Day 7: Start the process of adding health-promoting foods to your way of eating.

· Day 8 to Day 14: Moderate you intake of certain foods (e.g. meat, eggs) and switch to healthier options.

· Day 15 to Day 21: Challenge conventional myths you may have been told such as benefits of milk, olive oil, snacking, meat protein, etc.

· Day 22 to Day 28: Overcome cravings and adopt the eating plan that has been specifically designed for you.

You can change your way of thinking and and re-configure your plate - simply visit your local store in person or visit your local Whole Foods Market Facebook page to access the free Nutrition Prescription certificate and to get more information.

I will be visiting my local Whole Foods Market later this week where I'm going to be given a guided shopping trip to help me choose the right foods for my personal program.

This should be lots of fun so follow my adventures and get healthy with me!

(If you do not have a Whole Foods Market near you, it's still possible to participate!  Simply use the code: CERANC006 at to begin your 28 day journey with me!  If you do have a Whole Foods near you, be sure to stop by as the January/February edition of "The Whole Deal" [available free at your local store] has lots of great additional information, menus and recipes to help you with the program.)

- Liz

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