Monday, February 7, 2011

The Journey Begins With the First Step

Well, today's the day - Day 1, D-Day, Zero Hour - I can put it off no longer (not that I really feel the urge to).

Today is the first day of my journey to health. I usually wake up at 5:15am - not because it's my choice, but because our new puppy seems to need to "go" at that hour and like most Moms, if I don't take her, no one will. So I get up, take the puppy out and then begin my day (updating youngest daughter's school website, getting breakfast and lunch ready for Mr Pink, etc). I've been up for 45 minutes and realize that I'm starving. Usually I would wait until 8:15 when I get home from taking youngest daughter to school to eat breakfast and by then I would be famished, so I realize that maybe I need to eat earlier to get my metabolism kick-started and also so I won't be so terribly hungry that I grab anything I can find that's immediately available for breakfast.

So, at 6:45 (probably still later than I should be eating) - I eat some fruit and decide that when I get home from school dropoff I will try making a hot breakfast for myself and oldest daughter.

When we get back home I decide that I'm going to try the Quinoa that I received in my Whole Foods Bag and use it as a breakfast porridge (like oatmeal) - so I cook the grain exactly as instructed, put it in a bowl with a tiny drizzle of honey, some pumpkin pie spice and a splash of vanilla almond milk - hmmmmm....  Well, the Quinoa was definitely good - it had the same bite to it that brown rice does and I really do enjoy it - however, the breakfast cereal idea... not really my cup of tea.  All the time I was eating it all I could think was that I would really enjoy this much more if I had forgone all of the other toppings and opted for soy sauce instead - oh well, live and learn.

There's something about eating a meal you're not really happy with - somehow you just don't feel satisfied so I spent the rest of the morning wanting "something" even though I tried to quench the tummy rumbling with a handful of pistachios - no luck - still hungry... how much longer until lunch??

Lunch was a dilemma - what I really wanted was a good sandwich, some chips and a soda - but I, instead opted for my "really big" salad as the plan calls for daily.  I hadn't planned for it to be quite so big, but it kind of grew - A really big handful of greens... wait, I'm supposed to eat three servings of colorful veggies - let's throw some red bell pepper, chopped broccoli and red onion... oooo how about some avocado?  Wait, I need to have beans - luckily, there was a can of garbanzo beans in the "Starter Kit" so I put a serving (1/2 cup) on top of my growing veggie pile.  There, a "really big" salad that should fulfill those requirements.

Dinner time comes and it's now the biggest dilemma I've had all day - what can I eat that won't send my family running from the dinner table.  I finally decide on roasted chicken breasts, the rest of the family had rice pilaf and Mr Pink and I shared some Kale and Seaweed Salad that I picked up from the salad bar today at Whole Foods.  Kale, yes I did indeed say Kale... and you know what???  I hate it!!  I've never really liked the super dark greens - lettuce of any kind I love, but the chards and kales and other such dark leafy greens are definitely not on my "even remotely like list".  I bravely put a serving of this green stuff on my plate and, just as I remember when I was small, choking down something you hate takes a really. really. long. time.  In fact, just as my family was finishing their plates, I was choking down the last of my small pile of dark leafy greens (I even doused it with balsamic vinegar to help me choke it down).   I did have one bright spot, I added some raspberries so at least the chicken and raspberries were tasty.

So to sum up day one:

Quinoa is best served savory, Salads have a way of growing on their own and I hate Kale.

That, my friends is pretty much it - I'm going to try to make a oatmeal & apple bar recipe for tomorrows breakfast... wish me luck.

- Liz

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade

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Kara Vita said...

Great post and congratulations on finishing Day 1. Any tips on cooking the Quinoa? I usually find myself having it too "watery" or too dry.

Pink Lemonade Liz said...

Thanks Kara!

I am a totally inexperienced Quinoa cooker so I did it just like rice (2 liquid 1 quinoa, bring to boil, cover & cook 20 mins) - mine did seem a bit dry, but not overly so - but then again I had no idea what it was supposed to be like.

This week I'm going to experiment and stuff bell peppers with quinoa & sauteed veggies - we'll see how it goes :-)

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