Monday, February 14, 2011

Plugging Along

Found this old ad for a new weight loss gimmick - Sanitized Tape Worms... sounds yummy, huh??  Did people really think that putting a parasite into their bodies was a good idea??... hmmm  It's amazing that the human race has survived long enough for us to be here.

When I last left you it was just after the first day of the Health Starts Here program...  The first week has been, well... interesting. 

Although this is not a vegetarian program, it does severely limit meat products which, at first, was really hard - it's amazing how much we rely on meats (lunchmeat, etc) to make our life easier - throw together a sandwich, throw on some eggs for breakfast or steaks for dinner.  I have only had meat three times last week, all chicken and two times it was part of a salad so I think I've done quite well.

I think the worst part of the whole thing is the sugar cravings - Dr Oz tells us it's the #1 food we need to lose because it is literally killing us.   Sugar is most definitely addictive and giving it up can be just as difficult as giving up smoking - I completely believe it! 

If you'd like to hear what Dr Oz has to say about sugar, you can watch the segment on his website:

The #1 Food You Need to Lose, Pt. 1

The #1 Food You Need to Lose, Pt. 2

The #1 Food You Need to Lose, Pt. 3

I've been dealing with the cravings by drinking lots and lots of water and eating one of my new favorite fruits, Pink Lady apples - I'm usually a green apple eater, but simply cannot pass up the Honey Crisps when they come in - the Pink Ladys are sweet, crisp and really juicy - they've helped with that need for something sweet for sure.  I do have to admit that I keep a bar of 73% cacao chocolate in the cupboard for when I just can't get rid of the craving and one square (1/3 of a serving) because it's so rich, usually chases off any lingering "must-have's".

I've given up trying to force down the kales, chards & super dark leafy greens - I just cannot stand them and if this is going to be a new lifelong way of eating, I just cannot face having to choke that stuff down every day - it could definitely be a deal-breaker for me.  I've decided to just add extra salad greens and broccoli to help make up for the dark stuff & hopefully that will be good enough.

Thus far, I haven't been very adventurous with cooking, trying to just get myself used to the program before I start concocting dishes - there are lots of recipes on the Whole Foods Health Starts Here Recipe Section - I think I'm going to give some quinoa stuffed bell peppers a try sometime this week (think I can talk the family into eating them too???... my hopes aren't high, but I'll try).   Last night, I made some really yummy Apple-Cinnamon Oat Squares for today's breakfast - they turned out really great & were easy to make! 

Finding foods that are healthy and fit the program when you're out can be a challenge, but the other day, my Mom and I stopped for lunch at Wendy's - I ordered their Apple-Pecan Chicken Salad - I left off the pecans as they were sugar-coated, but their pomegranate dressing was pretty low-cal and the whole thing was completely yummy (and pretty much on-program). 

I do have to admit though, that yesterday after Church, the fam was really in the mood for In & Out Burgers - not exactly a place I can stay "on-program" as that's all they do - burgers & fries - nothing else.  But because I was determined to do my best to try to salvage what could have been a bad meal situation, I discovered a new treat there - a "Grilled Cheese, Animal-Style".  All the goodness of an In & Out Cheesburger without the meat - no, the bun wasn't a good thing for me, but the rest were just veggies so it worked out fine (and you know what???... I didn't even miss the meat!)

I am proud to say that after seven days of the program, I have lost 8 pounds!  Not too shabby - yay me!!!

So for the first week, the three things I've learned are:   Sugar is highly addictive, I will never like dark-leafy veggies and I don't really miss the meat!

Onward to week 2 - I'll try to post more often this week...

- Liz

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