Thursday, February 17, 2011


With families evaluating their personal finances for 2011, Suze Orman has pledged to provide answers, support, and encouragement by empowering moms like yourself to make finances a family affair.

Last summer you may recall Suze launched her new online community, a site devoted to helping moms make smarter money choices. Suze has revamped the site and partnered with a team of MoneyMindedMoms bloggers, some of whom you may recognize, to bring you more perspectives on money-related topics. We would like to encourage you to revisit the site and check it out.

MoneyMindedMoms community members have free access to valuable, easy to follow advice about topics such as erasing and managing debt, raising money minded kids and coupons and discounts. Providing moms with sound advice is Suze´s top priority and she takes the time to personally respond to questions from members and has even been known to post a video response in some cases. Plus, every month through May, one lucky member will win 1-on-1 time with Suze through the "Ask Suze" Sweepstakes. The site offers useful tools like a debt eliminator and expense tracker, a coupon savings center, as well as forums for sharing stories and insights with like-minded moms.

To help get started with taking control of finances and getting back on track this year, Suze has also created a list of the 11 things moms can do to increase their financial savvy in 2011:

  1. Stand in your truth
  2. Make finances a family affair
  3. Live below your means but within your needs
  4. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst
  5. Get rid of credit card debt
  6. Save an 8-month emergency fund
  7. Fund your 401k to the match
  8. Fund your Roth IRA to the max
  9. Start a 529 plan for your kids´ college education
  10. Be "happy you did" vs. "wishing you hadn´t"
  11. Never forget people first, then money, then things
To find out more details about how to accomplish these 11 goals, visit You can also connect with Suze and the MoneyMindedMoms community on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

As a member of my blog spark, the great folks at Money Minded Moms sent me a copy of Suze Orman´s book "Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny"  We have one copy to give away to one lucky reader also!

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Mary said...

We're making lots of big changes this year & are going to be saving a ton more & making much better money choices! I'd love to hear her ideas!

Lisa said...

I'm paying off the remainder of my debt this year!

Ambernoel_84 said...

I have pulled my credit reports to find any errors as well as the debt still owed and paying those off

Dana said...

I am facing my finances and honoring a budget.

Dana said...

I am facing my finances and determined to follow my budget even at the grocery store where most of my money goes.

Ron said...

a move and a new job for the wife as I continue my work from home in a new state!

simonesnina said...

We are aggressively paying down our debt and building our savings, putting all major spending aside until we achieve our goal of 0 credit card debt and 8 months in the bank!!