Monday, June 20, 2011

Baby Phat for Girls

Baby Phat... it's a brand that I never thought I would be putting on my daughter.  Sure, I'd heard of it, but had never seen it at any of the stores where we shopped.  Last month, I got the opportunity to check out some of their girls clothes first hand and I do have to say I was impressed.

The first thing my nine year old daughter told me when she saw the website with the adorable clothes was "I HAVE to get some of those!"  A few weeks later, a sample pair of shorts arrived in the mail and she screamed in delight when she came home from school to see them lying on her bed in all their sparkly splendor.

She has worn them more times than I can count since she got them and every time she receives several compliments on how cute they are.  The shorts are well made and wash up well (something I was not so sure about when I saw the "distressed" portions on the front - but no worries, they came out great!).

The size is true (the do not run small or large) and she tells me they're quite comfortable.  My only complaint is that the metallic layer of the belt is separating from the belt itself, but that seems like an easy fix with some superglue.

So what did I find when we discovered Baby Phat Girls clothes??  Cute, stylish girls clothes, lots of selection and just the right amount of "bling".  The prices are fairly reasonable (especially now - they're having a BOGO sale on all full-priced items on their website!).  Would I shop for Baby Phat clothes again?... yes  Would I buy more?.... yes  Would my daughter be thrilled?... definitely

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