Monday, July 30, 2012

Foodies benefit from this summer's drought

There is a silver-lining to the national drought if you’re a foodie!  With this year’s dry spell toasting more than half the nation, it’s no wonder why it’s been harder to taste the sweet summer. Kiplinger reminds us to be bitter no-more with a more positive take on America’s biggest drought since the 1950s.

Peculiarly parched seasons bring the sweetest of fruits and the cheapest of steaks to our dinner tables.  Want a soda with that? With corn crops depleting due to the blazing heat, soda makers are quickly turning to America’s ample sugar stock, which is rumored to be better for you! Unfortunately, for dairy lovers, milk and other dairy product prices are expected to rise due to drought.

To read more about how the drought will affect you, visit Kiplinger.

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