Monday, April 21, 2014

Organizing Your Beauty Products

Oh, what we won't do to be beautiful, right? And what we end up with is a bathroom full of toiletries, hair products, medications, teeth whitening products and more. If I am not careful I can accumulate enough nail polish to open my own nail salon. So, what to do to keep your bathroom from being a mess of cosmetics and personal products?

1. Sort and purge. Most beauty products have an expiration date. Sunscreen, hair coloring products, and of course medications all should have an expiration date. Toss what is old or you haven't used (and probably never will). Lotion can usually be kept for a year along with most make-up products. The exception is mascara, which should be changed at least every three months to avoid exposing your eyes to bacteria.

2. Pitch or donate duplicates. If you are anything like me you get a lot of bath and body products for birthdays and Christmas. If you have enough lotion and body wash to last you a lifetime, throw some away. Or even better, donate some to a women's shelter or homeless mission. They are always in need of unused toiletries.

3. Get creative with storage. In order to keep better track of the beauty products you have and to avoid bathroom clutter, find storage solutions that work for you. Get a Lazy Susan (usually used in the kitchen) so that you can easily see what you have on hand. Special holders exist to hold the hair dryer, curling iron etc and keep them from getting tangled up with everything else.

4. Think clean! Bathrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria (especially if you have sons LOL). Make sure you trade in your toothbrush every few months, replace your mascara often and keep the bathroom as clean as you can. I leave antibacterial wipes in the bathroom for the kids to clean up spills and wipe off counters after each use. Make sure to change your toilet brush every few months as well. You don't want a dirty home for the products you put on your face!

Happy Beautifying!


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