Saturday, April 5, 2014

Pink Lemonade Week in Review 3/30 - 4/5 2014

What a long, strange week it's been!  Our first full week back to work after a year-long hiatus - things could have gone either way, but I am proud to say that it felt like we hadn't skipped a beat.  Hopefully, we've posted some great info, and some fun stuff that has made your week a little better.

Here's a recap of what we shared with you this week:

Menu Plan Monday
Since spring is here (although it's still pretty rainy & icky here), menus are turning away from the soups and stews of winter and adding more fresh veggies to celebrating the new spring-y season.

A Clean Kitchen Saves You $$$
In these tough economic times, we are all looking for ways to make that ever-shrinking dollar stretch just a little further. Some of us have those dollars stretched so far we're beginning to be able to see through them while some still have a little extra stretch left. One not so obvious way to help your budget is to keep your kitchen neat and clean. Yes, you heard me correctly, keeping your kitchen tidy will save you money!

How Long Should I Keep It?
I am often asked by clients how long they should keep various types of paper. These are general guidelines that we use when working with people. But remember it is always important to check with your accountant or tax advisor about your individual situation before shredding any documents.

Dinner Diva: Asparagus - Tips, Tricks and a Recipe
Asparagus are elegant and delicious! Lots of fiber, easy to cook; delicious to eat. I’ll tell you how!

Tegan and Sara Take Home Three Juno Awards
This past weekend Tegan and Sara claimed a total of three awards at the 2014 Juno Awards. The girls lead the way for all Juno nominees. Their seventh studio album, and commercial breakthrough Heartthrob, earned them their first three Juno Awards - Pop Album of The Year, Single of the Year ("Closer") and Group of the Year versus fellow artists such as Robin Thicke, Arcade Fire, Michael Bublé, and more. 

Weight Loss Wednesday - The Straight Fizz on Soda
Today, we're going to chat a bit about soda - yes, we know it's not healthy for us - yet we continue to drink it anyway. Let's look at the lowdown on soda and why we should just give it up for good...

Family Fun at Home
Last week I focused on fun family outings and this week I want to share some fun ideas for family fun that you can do right at home.

Neon Trees return to "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on April 9
Multi-platinum group Neon Trees will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, April 9. The band's new album, Pop Psychology, will be released April 22 on Island Records. Street week activities include appearances on Good Morning America (April 21) and LIVE! With Kelly & Michael (April 23). 

Create Your Realistic Selfie in 3D Figurine – from Home
3Dfy YourselfScan yourself in 3D. Upload your scan to and order your low-cost figurine.

Sustainable Relationships
If you have had a few relationships you know what I mean by “sustainability,” especially ones that have been a source of pain or suffering to some degree. (Some of which have compelled you to dispose of them by almost any means, organic or not.) But what of the ones you wish to keep, nurture and grow rather than watch die prematurely or unexpectedly?

10 Things You Didn't Know About Potato Skins
You say potato, I say….TGI Fridays, obviously.  In 1974, TGI Fridays was the first restaurant to offer the delectable Potato Skins as an appetizer. 

How to Overcome Excuses
Great people throughout history often fail, quite miserably, before finally reaching their goals, says international business strategist Dan Waldschmidt.

There you have it, the entire week at a glance - we've got some really awesome things coming next week too, books, homekeeping, food, fitness... so keep watching for the stuff you need to make your life easier.  If you enjoy Pink Lemonade, tell a friend, share our page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter - I bet your friends will like it too!

See you on Monday!
- Pink Lemonade Liz

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