Wednesday, April 23, 2014

They Grow so Quickly

This week I attended my nine year old daughter’s first ever dance recital. We had discussed dance when she was younger, but for many reasons she never took lessons. As a birthday gift from her aunt, my daughter began lessons in February. With the recital costume I received a handbook detailing the rules and schedule for the dress rehearsal and the night of the recital. In the handbook was a section entitled MAKE-UP. Yup, my 9 year old was to wear: eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, blush (in either bright pink or bright red), lipstick, and lip liner. That is more makeup that I wear on a daily basis!

I understand the reason for the make-up. Having performed in a few musicals in high school and directed a small church play a few years back, I understand what stage lighting can do to the face. But this didn’t stop my heart from aching just a bit at seeing my little girl all dressed up like a young woman. She is growing so quickly, and this evening provided me with a hint of what was to come. She is truly a beautiful girl and will make a beautiful woman, but as a mom, I sometimes wish she could stay little for just a while longer.

When our children are babies, we anxiously await each new phase. Those first steps; the words “Ma Ma” or “Da Da” uttered for the first time; each so exciting and new. But, somewhere along the line, time seems to race forward. All of a sudden, your sweet little baby isn’t so little any more. Instead of preschool squabbles over who will paint at the easel, your child will soon be asking questions about the opposite sex, or dealing with peer pressure.

Each new phase reminds me that I need to embrace today. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day chores that seem to keep me so busy, and forget to enjoy the smiles and laughter that my children bring into my life. Today will be tomorrows memories…with what will they be filled? A grouchy mom who always said “no”? Or, perhaps small moments spent laughing together; sitting together working through that week’s piano piece; or baking cookies. I will still have time to get the dishes done and the laundry cleaned. Sure, it may take a little longer, but the memories made will last a life time.

- Christine

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