Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20 More Free or Low Cost Things to do With Your Kids this Summer...

Mom... There's nothing to do around here... I'm BORED!!"... How many times have you heard that phrase during Summer break? Don't book the kids into every summer camp and swim lesson you can find... give them something to do (or better yet, do something with them!) They'll learn some new things and have some fantastic Summer memories that will last a lifetime.

If you read our last list, you've already begun your arsenal of boredom busters. Here are twenty more:
  1. Think up a new kind of sandwich or cookie and make some!
  2. Grow a Hollyhock Tepee. Simply draw out a circle in the dirt big enough for a child or two to sit inside and plant hollyhocks fairly close together along the circle (be sure to leave a space for a door). When the plants are tall enough, gather them together at the top and tie with string - what a beautiful, fragrant, shady place to have an enchanted tea party!
  3. Let your kids create their own blog (or a family blog). Make sure you supervise and make it a private blog that only family and close friends can view - you can do this for free through
  4. Visit a local U-Pick orchard and pick lots of juicy ripe fruits and veggies. Make jam from some of the fruit to give away at Christmas!
  5. Learn a foreign Language - Rent the Muzzy video series from the Library and you and your kids will be chatting away in a language in no time.
  6. Keep the learning going all summer. Last year, we used the themed units at The Learning Page (you must sign up to be a member to print the worksheets and lessons, but it is free to do so). Everything you need to do a whole theme unit is included for free and includes all levels from Pre-K to Grade 3. We did a unit on Oceans, and during that time, we visited the beach and the aquarium, watched ocean videos from the library and read books about fish. A unit on Zoo animals included a trip to the zoo... etc. The kids will have so much fun doing these that they won't even know they're keeping up their academic skills for next year.
  7. Do some creative writing... Have your children think up a whole new world. Start a notebook and include drawings. If they really get into it, they could make dioramas, etc.
  8. Visit the local ice-skating rink - it'll be cool and you'll all get some great exercise (you can even drink hot-cocoa and not get too hot!).
  9. Help your kids make a movie! Let your kids think up the movie, including a script. Then, pull out your video camera and start filming. You can edit it on your PC or Mac and it'll be a fantastic addition to tuck into your Christmas cards!
  10. Make a tent on the clothesline or a tree branch.
  11. Have a bubble contest - check out Secret Solutions for bubble solution recipes and tips.
  12. Have a breakfast picnic in the backyard when it's going to be a scorching hot day.
  13. Travel the world without leaving town - check out Travel the World...
  14. Have a yard sale and donate the profits to a local charity.
  15. Let them "Paint" on a really hot day. Give the kids a bucket of water and big paintbrushes - they'll have a blast "painting" the fence, their playhouse... everything.
  16. Build a time capsule.
  17. Make Your Own Ice Cream. In a quart ziplock bag, put in a cup of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla and seal. In a gallon ziplock bag, put in a 1/3 of a cup of salt and fill the bag ¾ of the way full with ice cubes. Place the smaller bag inside the larger bag, and shake for 5 minutes. Open and serve!
  18. Put on a play for the neighborhood kids. Let them make sets and hang up bedsheets for curtains. The kids can design their own tickets and playbills.
  19. Teach them to cook. Let the kids find a kid's cookbook at the library geared toward their age range. Help them learn to make some new foods that they might not otherwise try.
  20. Learn some new Outdoor Games - check out Kids Games for idea - or make up your own.
There you have it! Twenty more great summer activity ideas that won't break the bank! Stay tuned for our last ten ideas soon...

- Liz

Posted by Liz of Pink Lemonade


Hélène said...

Thanks for these ideas. They sound like something that my son would like.

Cuddle Cottage said...

Thanks for the great summer tips. I have three little guests coming for a week this summer and I'm scratching around for things for them to do. This is a wonderful resource! I am keen to try the 'make your own icecream' recipe, we'll try it and see if it meets with their approval . . .


Jinxy & Me said...

What a great bunch of ideas - can make for a great summer!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Thanks for the awesome list! I'm being laid off from work at the end of June, so am loving all of the ideas you gave here, to keep the kids busy for the rest of the summer while I'll most likely be home. :)

I especially liked the tip about The Learning Page - my 7-year-old loves school, so I usually stock up on activity books for her, and this sounds perfect (not to mention free!).