Monday, May 19, 2014

Dinner Diva: Kids and Sugar

Getting a grip on the kids' sugar intake is something that needs to be taken seriously. Something you probably didn't know is that sugar will actually stun white blood cells for a period of time, so in effect, you are compromising your immune system.

I'm not going to go through the sugar addict essay I've already hit you with--but I do think it's important to start thinking about sugar again as we get ready to deal with our children during this school year with their incessant hunger for "after school snacks" (just those words can drive a sane woman to the brink!) and how instead of trying to appease and make them happy, that we need to make intelligent choices with the long-term goal of feeding their souls, not just filling holes (empty tummies).

I remember going to the orthodontist with my then 13 year old daughter. Before she began her treatment, he had her sign a contract that while she is under his care, she will not eat any candy and she will brush after every meal. Her treatment would have been for 27 months (but we moved and changed orthodontists). Later, she had new braces put on with the new guy and by the time she was 15, her teeth were absolutely beautiful.

I thought about this after I came home that first afternoon. I considered the cost of what this meant to both of us--figuratively and literally: my daughter needing to make a sacrifice and so will I (monetarily). Why are we doing this? She loves candy and I like seeing my savings account with money in it!

Because it's worth it! The cost of NOT following these instructions would mean the possibility of damaged teeth.

What about your children? Are they hooked on junk food, sugar and bad behavior? Are you at wit's end and just praying that school would miraculously be extended into the weekend?

Make it a point to guard their diets. You are growing children here--they need real food! If you are feeling guilty for allowing so much junk then you need to sit down with them and tell them you are sorry for giving them so much garbage to eat. Take responsibility and make a few changes. Don't cut them off from all "fun" food, but don't let their diets be 95% junk either. Everyone will suffer-- I guarantee it. And later on, the guilt will really come if you don't do better than you know you can do.

We only get ONE chance to raise them right. Take charge and make sure they have aren't entertaining the candy monster too often and stand your ground on healthy foods and snacks.

Leanne Ely, C.N.C.

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