Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Even MORE Free or Cheap Things to do With Your Kids this Summer...

Are you still looking for more things to do with your kids this summer?.... Maybe you're thinking to yourself.... "Sure, the first 10 were great, the second 20 were fantastic, but what it there were just 11 more..." Well, it's your lucky day! Here are our last eleven suggestions for free or cheap things to do with your kids this summer...

  1. Appreciate Music. Check to see if there are any free outdoor concerts in your area. We have them quite often in our area and it's great fun to bring a little picnic and sit on the grass listening to some fantastic music.
  2. Have an outdoor movie night - Remember the good old days of the drive-in movie? Unfortunately, there are very few left here in the US, but you can recreate the fun at home. You can rent a backyard theater setup relatively inexpensively. Have your kids invite their friends, serve popcorn and treats and watch a movie under the stars.
  3. Go to a baseball game. The major leagues are pricey, but if you have a minor league team in your area, take in a game - the kids will love it.
  4. Foster some animals at your local animal shelter. Shelters often have super small kittens or puppies that are too small to send out for adoption, they must stay with a volunteer who takes care of them and teaches them to be a good pet until they are old enough or big enough to adopt out. Just don't get too attached, or you'll have several new pets.
  5. Make art projects with Ice blocks and salt - the kids learn science and there's nothing to "display" after - lots of good cool fun! Instructions are here.
  6. Learn to make a gum wrapper chain - Instructions are here.
  7. Document something. Use a camera to photograph the same area of your yard at the same time each day - it will be interesting to see what comes up and what changes. At the end of summer, make a flip book with the pictures. You'll be able to watch a flower bloom, or a plant burst through the ground.
  8. Remember the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program.
  9. Bank of America offers its cardholders free admission to select museums the first weekend of every month.
  10. AMC Movie Theaters are offering $1 movies this summer.
  11. Make a solar cooker & bake cookies when it's too hot to use the oven. Instructions are Here.
Well, there you have it - everything in our "Summer Fun" database! Leave us an email or a comment and let us know if you tried any of the ideas and how they went - we'd love to hear from you!!
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