Sunday, May 18, 2014

Household hints, tips & tricks...for the powder room

This week, we bring you another awesome list of tips, tricks & hints for your home - but this time instead of dealing with the kitchen, we're heading to one of the busiest rooms in the house... the bathroom...

Clean rust rings from your bathroom counter with shaving cream.

Don’t toss used dryer sheets – stash them into an old tissue box and use them to shine up your shoes, polish furniture and scrub those shower doors.

Keep mildew off from your shower curtains. Before you hang a new shower curtain – soak it for a few hours. Fill the tub with about 3 inches of water and 1 cup of salt – dissolve the salt in the water and soak your shower curtain in the mixture. Then hang the liner without rinsing. The salt-water coating will prevent the formation of mildew!

Prevent rust rings on your bathroom counters by coating the bottom edge of any metal containers with a couple coats of cheap nail polish. This will seal the bottoms and prevent those ugly orange rust rings on the counter.

To clean that stubborn hard water film, rub with lemon juice or vinegar, let sit and then wipe down with water and a used dryer sheet (or a Mr. Clean eraser).

Lots of things can be used to clean the toilet bowl besides those caustic toilet bowl cleaners…

Try alka seltzer – drop in two tablets, wait 20 minutes, brush & flush. Or… since you’ve certainly given up soda by now, pour a can of cola into your toilet and again, wait 20 minutes, brush & flush!

Pour a cup or two of white vinegar into the bowl, let set overnight, then brush well & flush

Make a paste of borax and water and (while wearing rubber gloves), coat the inside of your bowl - let sit for a couple of hours, then brush - all of the caked on hard water scale should come right off!

Cut a piece of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser off from the block & float it in the bowl overnight - in the morning, any rings will be gone!

Clean your toilet by pouring a can of cola into the bowl. Leave to sit overnight if possible. Brush well the next day. [Editor's note: cola contains small quantities of phosphoric acid that will dissolve mineral deposits on your bowl]

To make bar soap last longer, unwrap the bars and let them dry out before using.  They will last much longer and leave less soap residue in the soap dish.

Use air-freshener to clean mirrors. It does a good job and better still, leaves a lovely smell to the shine

Make life easier by storing extra wastebasket liners at the bottom of your wastebasket, underneath the liner in use.  That way when you remove the current liner, there will be a supply of clean ones underneath, ready to put in place.

Do your kids dread removing bandaids?  Simply apply a little baby oil onto the adhesive parts, wait a minute or so and it should come right off!

Take a bucketful of water and throw the contents into the toilet bowl before you start cleaning it. This actually forces the water level down in the toilet bowl and allows you to access those bowl rings, etc., easier

Want to make your toilet plunger more efficient?  Rub some petroleum jelly around the rim - It helps make a better seal when you need to unclog that drain.

Cleaning the bathtub can be a breeze - just use a new toilet brush for scrubbing (the long handle makes it easy to reach farther) and a watering can for rinsing!

Ready to put these tricks to work in the powder room??  Well, go ahead - what are you waiting for??  If you have a tip or trick for the bathroom, leave us a comment below & let us know about it!

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