Monday, May 26, 2014

Plan Ahead For Summer Fun

If you are anything like me the thought of school getting out and having my kids home all summer made me want to have a plan! A plan for them to enjoy their free time, a plan for us to enjoy our time together and a plan to maintain my sanity with the inevitable “Mom, I’m bored’s” that I am sure to hear. Here are a few tips for having a summer of organized fun with our kids, no matter how old they are.

  • Develop a routine. Summer is great for sleeping in and going with the flow but you can still have a routine when it comes to meal times, nap times for younger kids, outside play and more. The more structured and predictable your day the easier it is to make sure you have time for fun and games.

  • Think ahead. Summer break is shorter than it seems and it goes by fast! Have a plan of what you would like to do with your kids this summer and plan it now to make sure it happens. If there is a specific park you want to visit, museum or zoo you want to take them to or family you want to go see put it on the calendar now. Time can get away from you if you are not purposeful about planning.

  • Stock up. I have a large Rubbermaid container that I start filling with summer activities long before summer arrives. When you see a toy or item on sale that would be special or appropriate- get it and put it in the summer box. Our summer boxes have of course evolved over the years, according to the boys ages but have held surprises like water balloons, squirt guns, puzzles, new Lego sets, outdoor toys, art supplies, sidewalk chalk and more.

  • Have a rainy day plan. Kids love to be outdoors and the more active they are the less energy they have to annoy you. But, rainy days are inevitable. Have a plan for kids to build a fort with the dining room table, play a game of hide and seek, have a special craft project up your sleeve. The more prepared you are the less summer “cabin fever” you will experience.

  • Prepare for safety. Make sure that hats, sunglasses, sun screen and bug spray are readily available in your home. Check for ticks if your kids have been in high grass or the woods. Never let a child swim unattended. Reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes. Have extra bike helmets available for neighbor kids that come over to ride scooters, etc. Nothing is less conducive to fun than an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

Summer is a time for family fun. Being organized can ensure fun times are had by all.

Happy Organizing!


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