Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ready for Summer

The longer days have stirred something within me. I want to stay up later at night and spend time out doors. The green grass and chirping birds are so inviting. I am ready for summer; ready for lazy mornings and evenings spent enjoying the sun and our neighborhood.

It isn’t only children who look forward with anticipation to the end of the school year. As a mom I am beginning to get burnt out on the constant stream of homework and the endless days of driving to and from school. I am ready for their extra curricular activities to end as well. No more soccer practices, baseball games and dance. I look forward to watching the children enjoy the simple pleasures that come from running through a sprinkler, the sticky dripping of juice pops down tiny arms, barbecued hot dogs, and even the smell of sunscreen.

I feel like I am living the scene in the Disney film Highschool Musical 2 where the students are sitting in their final minutes of class before summer begins, watching the clock and chanting over and over again the word “summer”. And yet, when summer is in full swing, I am sure that I will look forward with longing to the days of sharpened pencils and stacks of lined paper.

What do you look forward to most about the summer months when the children are at home? Is it the lack of homework and required activities or the trips to the pool?

- Christine

Posted by Christine of Random Thoughts With Chris

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kathy pease said...

i love summer i get to play out in my garden :)