Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - 5 Ways to Fight the Slump!

How many times has this happened to you...

You've spent all morning working or running around after the kids. Lunch was a couple of hours ago (you did eat lunch, right?), and all of a sudden... You're completely drained. That complete and total exhaustion that occurs mid-afternoon and comes on like a freight train is none other than the old "Afternoon Slump".

An Afternoon Slump can wreck your weight loss efforts if you give in and grab a gigant-o cup of sugary, creamy coffee and maybe a bag of chips or a candy bar. Sure, you'll feel better right away - but not only will you be consuming a ton of calories, you'll crash and burn in a few hours - only making things that much worse by dinner time.

This afternoon when the slump hits, reach for something that will energize your body and help keep that metabolism going, instead of a coffee or cola and a pack-o-carbs. Try a few of these snack ideas instead and you'll be dancing your way through the rest of the afternoon.

Water - it is very possible that you are slightly dehydrated. Drink a glass of water and get some fresh air. If that doesn't help, move on to our snacks!

Try some Lowfat Cottage Cheese with a tablespoon of no sugar added organic preserves or a drizzle of honey. Cottage cheese has lots of protein and the preserves or honey will add some healthy sugars to give you a quick (yet healthy) energy boost. Add a serving of nuts to the snack and you'll be energized!

PB&J on Whole Wheat - One slice of whole wheat bread and a Tablespoon of natural (none of that hydrogenated junk) Peanut Butter will give you some healthy fats and healthy carbs for a great boost. Add a small apple and you're really cooking!

Who doesn't love Popcorn? A mini-bag of all-natural (look for no hydrogenated fats!) popcorn, a string cheese and some pumpkin seeds would make a real treat! Watch out though, everyone else will want to share!

If you're a dipper - try a cup of hummus sprinkled with 2 Tablespoons of pine nuts. Use Red Pepper slices to dip with!

Finally, if you must head out to the coffee shop, try Starbucks' Perfect Oatmeal! It comes topped with a dried fruit & nut medley. The oatmeal will give you some good carbs that will digest slowly, the dried fruits will give you an energy boost and the nuts will add some healthy good fats to the mix.

Fighting the Afternoon Slump is as easy as reaching for your snack bag (as long as it's filled with healthy goodies)! Try a few and see what a difference they'll make in the rest of your day - and your weight loss.


BlogNow101 said...

very helpful post! might try that Starbucks!
very busy days can sometimes ruin my appetite and confuses my diet plan...

Alicia said...

Great ideas!

I hate that afternoon slump.


Ginny said...

Thanks, great tips!