Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - Don't Lose your Lunch!

Sure, we all know the old rule... "Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day"... Especially if you're on a weight loss program. But no one ever mentions Lunch - poor lonesome lunch is left out in the cold, ignored, skipped... forgotten.

Eating Lunch is important too! Your body cannot operate efficiently on only breakfast (no matter how great it was) all the way until dinnertime. Blood sugars will drop, you'll begin to get grumpy, concentration levels will dip... Lunch is an important part of your weight loss arsenal!

Don't let lunchtime pass you by, even if you're busy at work taking ten or fifteen minutes to sit down and eat lunch will help to kick start the rest of your day. If you can swing it at all, try to leave your office, or cubicle - head over to the lunchroom, or better yet, outside! Enlist the help of a friend and set up a standing lunch date, you'll be less likely to skip lunch if you know someone is waiting for you.

Yes, it's important that you eat lunch, but just as important is what you eat. No popping over to the local fast food joint for something greasy... Make your lunch the night before and it will be ready when you are (this goes for Stay at Home Mom's too!). Try to work in all your healthy foods, a salad dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar (bring the dressing to work in a separate container), Top it with some grilled or roasted chicken or fish. Add in a piece of fruit and a MUFA (maybe 2T of your favorite nut) and some nice cold water and you've got a great lunch that will keep you going until quitting time.

Don't eat your food out of ugly used takeout containers either - keep a nice plate and silverware in your desk (it will only take a minute to wash when you're done). Sit down with a friend, eat real food on real plates, with real cutlery and you've go the making of a great lunch... healthy food to rev up your metabolism for the afternoon and a few moments away from the chaos of the work environment.

No matter how tempting it may be to munch on a "health-bar" and a diet soda while working at your desk, you're not doing anyone a favor. Your performance the rest of the afternoon will suffer (when you crash from the "health-bar" high) and you'll be much more likely to hit the vending machines come 3:00 (which won't do your weight loss plan any favors). Just a little planning ahead can guarantee you'll be able to feed your body and get the job done!


Jenn P. said...

That was a great post! Full of a lot of great advice.

Rebecca said...

I plan on joining the weight loss thing when the doctor gives me the okay after my pulled muscle heals! I have had just about enough of being overweight!

Is this where I need to comment to enter in the contest?

Hélène said...

I have been working on loosing weight. The last few days I have been proud of myself because I have eaten about 90% vegetables for lunch. My favorite fall back lunch is crackers and cheese, which I have working hard to avoid since it is basically white flour and fat. I read that lunch should be about 400 calories. More than that is too much and less than that will make you hungrier too soon before dinner. Please count me in the contest!