Monday, June 9, 2014

Get More Closet Space

"I need more closet space" - that is a desire heard ‘round the world. Many homes, especially those built before the 90’s just don’t have the storage space that is available in newer homes. Our house was built in 1984 and while I love it, the closets are not walk-in, by any stretch of the imagination. Then, for the best use of space our boys bedrooms are on the lower level, which don’t have built in closets at all. So, how can you maximize (and create) closet space? Here are a few tips:

~ Use double hanging rods for kid’s closets. Since their clothes are small, you can double your storage space.

~ Use drawers. I put a dresser in one side of my closet, to hold t-shirts, undergarments, etc. This gives you better use of the floor space in your bedroom.

~ Use one type of hanger. Having wire, tube, wood hangers all in the same closet creates a jumbled mess and ends up taking more space than a streamlined approach.

~ Add shelves to the top of the closet. I use the shelves to store my shoes (in clear plastic shoe boxes I got from the Container Store)

~ Use baskets, bins and racks to organize the bottom of the closet so that shoes, handbags, etc don’t just end up getting thrown in the bottom.

~ For linen closets, don’t forget to use the door. There are many over the door storage options that can hold items and give you more room in the closet. I have also recommended these for gloves, scarves, etc. in a coat closet.

How do you keep your closets organized? Share your ideas with us!

Happy Organizing!


Posted by Melissa of Multitasking Mama


quelleheure4 said...

I am having huge problems with my closet right now. First the upper bar fell from my husband's side and last week it fell from my side. It's a giant mess! I need to start over!

Gianna said...

I put 1 large and 4 small bookshelves in mine to stack jeans, sweaters and tshirts. I bought a few of those white plastic handled plastic containers for socks.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Gianna- bookshelves are a great idea.

Quelleheure4- there is obviously too much weight on the bars :-( If I can be of assistance just email me at melissa at organizedlifebydesign dot com