Sunday, June 8, 2014

Those Laundry Workhorses


Clean, Fresh, Laundry. Doesn't it just give you a feeling of satisfaction to see the laundry basket empty and smell the fresh scent of clean laundry every time you open a drawer? Chances are, those clean, fresh smelling clothes made a trip through your washer and dryer at home on the way to your dresser or closet. We rely on our Laundry Appliances daily. If you don't think so, just wait until one breaks and then see what kind of a fix you're in.  We rely so heavily on these appliances, but do we take as good care of them as they take care of us?

Grab a bottle of spray cleaner, and wash off the tops and all outside surfaces until they sparkle. Open that washer... are the bleach and fabric softener dispensers gunky? Give then a quick clean up with an old toothbrush and some water. Wipe all around the rim and under the lid of your washer - don't forget the knobs!

Is your dryer piled high on top with the stuff you can't find any other place for? Car washing rags that have been washed, but not returned to the garage?... Cleaning supplies, or maybe even the mates to your kid's lost socks? Let's get rid of all of it! Return things to their places... And just toss those lost sock mates (chances are, you're never going to find them - and if you do - they'll be too small by then anyway)... go ahead, it won't take very long.

When was the last time you cleaned your lint trap? If you answered "every load".. good for you! If not, this is really an important part of your laundry routine. Not only will it help your dryer operate efficiently, but its also a safety issue. If you use fabric softener sheets in the dryer, some types can cause a buildup on the lint screen too. Once a month or so, just pull out your lint screen and give it a scrub with soap & water and a small, soft brush (like a nail brush).

There you go! Stand back and admire how great they look now! A quick wipe down once a week will keep them looking new - and remember to empty those lint filters after every load!

Yes, there's nothing better than a soft, fresh smelling sweater or sliding into cool, crisp sheets. You couldn't do it without your washer and dryer so take good care of them, and they'll take good care of you for years to come.

Helpful Hint: Hard water can cause clothes to become dingy after being washed many times. To brighten things up - ad a few pinches of regular table salt to the washer with the detergent. Simply let a little water fill into the washer, add the salt, then the clothes. Your colors will be so much brighter!

Next Week:  Are you using the right detergent?

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