Monday, June 23, 2014

Where To Store The Stuff You Need

When tackling paper clutter, one problem consistently arises? What to do with the paper I need to keep? We have talked about what you need to keep, what you don’t and even where to keep some of it. But, what about the day to day paper piles that develop when you go get the mail, are working on a project, etc? Here are some tips for that:
  • Invest in a portable file box. You can find attractive and affordable options at discount stores and online. I keep my file box with me in whatever room of the house I am working in (I usually work on my laptop in the living room so I can see and hear the kids). When I am finished with whatever I am working on, it gets filed and at the end of the day the file box has a home in the office.
Have a place for incoming paper. We have a basket in the entry way where kids deposit permission slips, etc. that need attention. I sort the mail when I get it from the driveway and have a basket for “get to it later” paper such as magazines, correspondence from a friend, etc. If an appointment reminder card comes from the dentist or something of that nature I automatically go to the family calendar, write it down and shred the paper. Bills immediately go in the bill files. If something has a place there is no reason it shouldn’t go there the first time you touch it. This rule of thumb saves time and reduces clutter!

We have already established that you don’t need to keep most receipts but for those you do they make accordion files that fit in your purse and there are also online programs that allow you to scan and keep them receipts online.

How do you store paper? Any other types of paper you have questions about storing? Ask away!

Happy Organizing!


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