Wednesday, June 4, 2014

With Kids it’s All About Balance

As the mother of a large family I have discovered that balance is key to every day life. Extremes in any direction tend to lead to chaos (which is already a problem with a large family) and frustration. Trying to achieve perfection in one thing usually leads to difficulties in other areas of family life. This is not to say that focusing on improvement in different aspects of parenting or family life is not productive, but ensuring balance in the process is key to success.

My mother always said that you have to “pick your battles” and I have found this to be true. Is it really important that your seven year old daughter wear a perfectly matching outfit to school everyday? Or will allowing her this decision on her own help her to grow in confidence and give her a feeling of empowerment (and give you, a busy mom, a few extra minutes in the morning for something else)?

The concept of balance applies to all aspects of family life: the foods we eat, the activities we choose, how we spend our money. If we keep our lives in balance, instead of focusing on extremes, this crazy time in life will go much smoother, and you will find that you will have accomplished more and enjoyed the process.

- Christine

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