Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let it all go

by Maryanne Comaroto

Here's a challenge: get rid of all your attachments. I don't mean you should quit your job or disown your family or move to another country for a fresh start. There's a much easier way to do it, though convincing yourself can be quite difficult. All you have to do is let go. Let it all go. Your ideas about things, your perceptions of others, your perceptions of yourself. It sounds easy on the surface, but attachments are everywhere, in every aspect of your being. Here are just a few of the things you'd have to watch fade into nothing if you really want to practice letting go:

Your past - your stories about how great or how awful your childhood was. Your ideas about whether or not your parents did a good job of raising their kids. Your ideas about whether your teachers at school helped you become the person you are, or held you back from becoming the person you could have been. Your most embarrassing moment, your proudest moment, your saddest moment, your most frightened moment. Let them all go.

Your ideas about who you are - your personality, your zodiac sign, your marital status. Your IQ, your job title, your highest level of education. Your job history, your job prospects. Whether you're a leader, a team player, a scientist, an artist. That you think you've gotten so far because you're lucky, or that you've gotten so far in spite of being unlucky. That you're a success, or that you haven't found success yet. That you even know how success could be measured. Let all those ideas and attachments go. All of them.

Your preferences and opinions - Your favorite restaurant, the best place to get your oil changed, the fastest way to get from the office to your house. That the person you see in the mirror is not tall enough or thin enough or young enough. That being nice to people will make them like you, or that being aloof will make you mysterious and attractive. That your political party is a better choice than the others. That God will take care of you before others because you pray harder than they do. Let it all go.

Your ideas about the world - That money makes the world go round. That money is the root of all evil. That love is all you need. That it makes a difference whether you have love or money. That there's a soulmate out there for you. That there are places you have to see, things you have to do, and people you need to meet. That you have plenty of time. That time is running out. That things are looking up for everyone. That things are going to spiral out of control. That global warming is going to be the end of us, if the terrorists don't kill us all first. Gather up all your ideas about the world, and let them go.

That you need to hurry up and start getting on with your life before it passes you by -That you need to slow down and take things easy and enjoy your life. That eventually you'll find the person out there who will complete you, and that you won't be complete without them. That you'll drive them away if you don't do the things they want. That nothing is as good as it used to be. That everything is better than it used to be. All these fears and hopes and worries and expectations… let them all go.

Then, once you have nothing else to let go of - let that go, too. So what's left, who would you be then? Fantastic! Now, let that go! Get the picture? Now, let that go, too...

- Maryanne

by Maryanne Comaroto of Maryanne Live

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