Sunday, July 13, 2014

Staying Healthy

We want to stay well, healthy, feeling good. But how can we do that when there are viruses and germs everywhere, ready to strike? We can practice good personal hygiene and we can make sure that we get rid of any viruses in our home that may had inadvertently been brought in.

Wipe telephones (both home and cell) down with disinfecting wipes on a regular basis.

Close the lid on the commode when you flush (did you know that microscopic spray can travel 6 feet around the room when flushing?)

Use disinfecting wipes to regularly wipe down doorknobs, faucet handles, light switches, anything that many people touch each day (don't forget the computer keyboard & mouse!)

Remember to wash your hands well after loading laundry into the washer.

Let's keep the insides of our homes healthy so that we can all stay healthy!


Sure, you dust, vacuum, sweep and swipe - your home is sparkling, a place to be proud of. But even though the surfaces are sparkling, are there germs lurking in places you've never thought about? I'll bet there are - germs love to make their way into your home and spread themselves to every member of your family.

The only way to get them is to stop them in their tracks - here are some of those "germies" favorite hiding spots:

Your Kitchen Sink - sure, you wash dishes there so it should be clean... right? Wrong! Think of all of the germs and bacteria that you wash off from your hands, food, everything. The suds from your dishes won't kill the bacteria. When you're done for the day, give your sink a quick spray with a disinfecting spray (even 1 tsp. of bleach in a quart of water will do) - then wipe your sink out and fell confident that there aren't any "nasties" lurking.

Your Shower Curtain - All kinds of bacteria and germs love to cling to the shower curtain. The best cure - replace your curtain regularly and give it a good disinfecting spray often.

The Tub - Once again, even though it's all bubbly doesn't necessarily mean it's clean... according to calculations made in the Hygiene Council Survey, nearly 120,000 bacteria per square inch - that's just eeeewww any way you look at it. Good old chlorine bleach to the rescue once again here.

Kitchen Sponges - we all know to replace our sponges regularly, but try to put it in the dishwasher every night or place a fairly damp sponge in the microwave for about 3 minutes every other day. You'll still need to replace often, but they'll be sanitary in-between changes with a few precautions.

Cutting Boards - Cutting board harbor many, many germs. If you're not already using a separate board for meats and produce - start today! Cross-contamination can cause some really nasty illnesses. Be sure to sanitize your cutting boards after each use by washing well in soap & water and then sanitizing with the same bleach/water solution mentioned above.

Of course there are other spots that we all know about, but forget - telephones (regular and cell), door knobs, computer keyboards - but those are easily handled with a disinfecting wipe.

Take a few minutes to help rid your home of those nasty illness-causing germies, your family will be healthier because you did!

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