Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Taming Midsummer Boredom

If you are like me, your children have been out of school for a month and a half now. At first they were thrilled to be home, spending hours at a time playing with friends in the neighborhood; sleeping in until late in the morning; simply enjoying unstructured time. But now, after over a month of freedom, I am beginning to see children sitting around with looks of boredom across their faces. The words, “I’m bored” have found their way back into my home.
Taming this boredom monster can be tough at times. He often rears his ugly head at the worst possible times. Hands dripping with dish water or arms full of laundry, you are not prepared to do battle. If you arm yourself with a few simple, fun activities, you can stop summer boredom in his tracks!
Salt Dough-Inexpensive and simple to make, salt dough can provide hours of play for your children. Recipes are available all around the Internet, requiring different ingredients, but most simply ask for salt, flour, water and food coloring. You can find one here at with an idea for getting your kids in on the fun of making the dough.
Old Magazines-Those magazines gathering dust on your coffee table can be transformed into works of art. Give your children safety scissors, paper, and glue and let them have fun creating collages. Give them ideas to get them started: find pictures that start with the letter C; find pictures of animals; use only pictures that have the color blue in them. Hey, they don’t have to know that you are sneaking in a bit of learning.
Water Fun-Slather on the sunscreen and send your kids outside with a hose and some cups, they will water the lawn and have a great time in the process. There is no need to spend money on water toys when a hose is so much fun! If you want to really step up the fun, turn on the sprinklers and let ‘em run! Pull out the camera because you are bound to catch some great photo ops! (And watch your back, because if your children are anything like mine they will try to find a way to get Mom in on the fun.)
Hit the Library- Take advantage of the air conditioning at your local library and cool off with a good book. Many libraries offer special summertime programs, including special guest performers. Check with your local library for schedules and times.
Don’t let the boredom monster ruin your summer; attack head on with some of these simple, fun activities, that are sure to please.

- Christine

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Bayard said...

Great tips thanks! I will for sure be using these for my kids this summer! SamSam's corner has lots of fun activities for kids to keep the kids happy too!