Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - What is Your Workout Style?

Welcome to another installment of Weight Loss Wednesdays. Lately, I've been trying to help friends and clients figure out what fitness programs will be best for them. In doing so, I researched the idea that everyone has a particular workout style that will help them succeed. Consider these topics to determine your own workout style and to put you on the right track as well.

Find the exercises that will best meet your goals.
For example, a goal to lose weight is different than a goal to build muscle. A goal for toning is different than a goal to become more flexible. Research the types of exercise programs, DVDs, gym classes, etc., that will best meet your needs.

Time your workouts according to when you have the most energy.

This one was really key for me. For a really long time, I was trying to squeeze in a workout at lunch or even waiting until after work. I usually had to push myself just to muster the energy. Different people have different energy levels at various times throughout the day. Match your workout time to when you have the most energy. Changing my workouts to the mornings has made such a difference and really helps to jump-start my day. I have a friend who loves to workout the stress of her day after work. Choose the time that is best for you.

Choose the best location for your workouts.
I have certainly found the most success with my in-home workouts. You don't need a lot of space or a lot of equipment. It saves me time and money too. That said, others prefer the gym atmosphere. There is a wide variety of equipment and some enjoy the interaction with other people.

If you are feeling stuck, or just getting started, consider these tips to match your workouts to the type of person that you are. Until next week, all the best in health and fitness. Remember, my goal is to help YOU reach YOURS!

- Coach Jenn

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