Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Decorating

Everywhere you go, it's there. You couldn't miss it if you tried - the colors of fall. Yes, I know, we're less than a week into the season, but you can already feel "fall" in the air. Why not take a cue from Mother Nature and use the great colors of fall to transform you home from a cool summer hideaway to a cozy fall retreat.

By simply switching out those light colored, summer home accessories and replacing them with warm, rich fall colors the whole feel of the room can change dramatically.

How about putting down a cute fall rug in the entryway or kitchen:

Fill a beautiful bowl full of acorns and seed pods to place on your coffee table:

Candles always fill a room with a warm, cozy glow.  A nice, rustic long wooden candle holder would be fantastic down the middle of your dining room table (it doubles as an hors d’oeuvres server!)

While we're on the subject of dining room tables... Some rich, warm jewel toned linens on the table can pull everything together

A vase can hold an endless variety of things - twigs, evergreen stems, maybe some long twigs with preserved fall leaves in great colors wired on would be pretty. Any vase will do, but if it's nature-inspired, it can help bring the outdoors inside. How about these great birch sleeves to cover a plain vase or jar:

Throw a few logs into the fireplace, light some candles and simmer some cinnamon on the stove - before you know it, you'll feel that the seasons have officially changed and you'll be ready to join your kids jumping in piles of fall leaves!

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