Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday - 7 ways to Add Holiday Cheer, not Holiday Pounds

Do the words "Seasonal Seven" mean anything to you?... If you're like most Americans, seven pound is the average amount of weight you will gain during this Holiday season. This year, let's not let that scale move up during the holidays - a reasonable goal would be to just stay the same for the next 6 weeks or so. Trying to lose a few pounds during this hectic time of the year is definitely not impossible, but does require more advance planning and willpower.

Here are a few tips to help you get through the "Holi-daze" without adding the dreaded "Seasonal Seven":

1. Don't forget your journal - Keep up writing in your food journal during the holidays. It may not be easy to write down all the goodies we consume at parties, but it will help you keep track and make you feel somewhat accountable for what's going into your mouth.

2. Snack before you go - Never go to a party on an empty stomach. The temptation to overeat on completely non-healthy foods can be overwhelming. Before you venture out for an evening of fun, have a snack that is healthy and contains some healthy fat (preferably a MUFA).

3. Go for the healthy stuff first - When you arrive at your party (with a tummy that's not rumbly because you've had a healthy snack first) head for the healthy items first - veggies, plain chicken, fruits - then you can move on to the less healthy stuff (truth be told, you'll probably be full by the time you're ready for the calorie-laden foods anyway!).

4. Go easy on the Alcohol - Sure, a glass of wine is fine, but try to keep sweet, mixed drinks to a minimum - they're just empty caolories. Aim for a white wine spritzer (white wine and soda water) instead, or better yet, just go for a glass of soda water with lemon or lime.

5. Bring your own - If your headed to an event where you need to bring a dish, be sure to bring something you know will be healthy. At least that way you'll have one thing you can eat without feeling guilty!

6. Don't begin a new program - Stick to just making sure that you're being as healthy as you can be. Eat the right foods, make time for some exercise (no, shopping doesn't count!) - just try to keep things as healthy as possible. You can try a new plan after New Years.

7. Get enough Rest - This can't be stressed enough. Getting enough rest is crucial to not only your health, but it helps you not to overeat. Be sure to get to bed on time and try to stick to your regular sleeping routine, not going to bed late and sleeping in to make up for lost sleep - this will just throw your body clock off kilter.

Keep in mind these seven simple strategies when the "Holi-Daze" sneaks up on you. You'll be able to enjoy your friends and family at this wonderful time of the year and when January hits, you'll have outwitted those nasty "Seasonal Seven".

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