Saturday, December 6, 2014

5 Ways to Survive the Holidays

The holidays are officially here and Mom Central Founder and CEO, author of four best-selling parenting books and mom expert, Stacy DeBroff, has developed tips for families on preventing "sticky situations" from putting a frostbite on the holidays this year: 

Stamp Out Sticky Hands - From gingerbread to potato latkes to cookies of every stripe, food emerges as a big part of the holiday season. And when kids get involved in making holiday treats, families build special holiday memories. Yet, sticky, messy hands ­ from shaping popcorn ball ornaments, gluing homemade crafts, and exchanging melted chocolate gelt ­ remain holiday traditions of another kind. To avoid the after-effects of holiday creativity, keep a supply of Wet Ones® Antibacterial Wipes around to eliminate the sticky-hand factor. The wipes serve a dual purpose and are great for cleaning up hand messes and killing 99.9% of bacteria.

Contain the Clutter - Surprisingly, it takes a lot of supplies to wrap a present ­ wrapping paper, tape, boxes, tissue paper, bows, scissors, ribbon, labels, pens, markers, and stickers ­ no matter the size of the gift. Throw a few pre-schoolers into the mix who want to wrap Grandma¹s gift themselves, and the holiday mess potential increases exponentially. To keep everyone organized and to contain clean up, create a ³holiday headquarters² in a central location of your home. Here you can squirrel away wrapping supplies throughout the year, gather everything you need before you begin, and prevent wrapping remnants from becoming strewn throughout the house.

Hide the Goods  - Kids can turn into super sleuth detectives around the holiday when they're snooping around the house looking for presents. Some creative ways to hide presents is to store in the garage of a friend or neighbor, hide in the trunk of the car or places that your kids don¹t often explore such as the laundry room or linen closet.

Let The Candles Do All The Burning ­ After all the constant rushing around from family parties to secret gift exchanges with girlfriends, you could suffer a major burnout after the holiday season. Attend only the events that you wouldn't miss for the world and don't feel guilty about missing some parties. Have your children create festive cards and send these to the hosts expressing your regrets, but wishing them a happy holiday season to show that you're thinking of them in midst of all the eggnog and mistletoes. 

Stay Focused on Holiday Health - Unfortunately, the holidays coincide with Cold & Flu season and between the travel, outdoor activities, and big family get-togethers, keeping everyone healthy can be a challenge. Also, if family members do succumb to a cold, remind them to clean hands after sneezing or blowing noses to help prevent a cold from running through the entire family and putting the brakes on holiday celebrations.

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