Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Frugal Gift Wrapping Tips

10 helpful hints to wrap your holiday gifts frugally and creatively

Use scraps of fabric to wrap presents: Apply puffy fabric paint to give the present a rich three dimensional look!
Paper bags or craft paper can be jazzed up as great gift wrap:  First wrap the gift and then decorate. This is a great way to decorate grandparents' gifts. Have your children place their hands in washable paint and decorate the package with their hand prints. *Helpful Hint*  Instead of wrapping paper, recycle brown paper bags, when you wrap the present use double stick tape and work the extra seams into the pattern.

Make a mosaic of wrapping paper.
Embellish the seams of the wrapping paper with ribbon, beads, or colored duct tape.

Use the Bowdabra to make beautiful affordable bows! For an additional frugal element, you can even repurpose scraps of different ribbon to create a unique bow.

Embellish the gift tags with buttons, candy, scraps of ribbon, or glitter.

During the holidays inexpensive vinyl tablecloths are very easy to find. Place your large gift in the center of the tablecloth and wrap the way you would a normal sized present. This is great gift wrapping option for children and young adults and is a gift in itself for those receiving the presents.

Purchase holiday wrapping paper and ribbon after the holidays when it is discounted. Store the wrapping paper in a cool, dry space for the following year.

Try using glue dots or colored duct tape.

Decorate with rope, colored duct tape, ribbon, or silk flowers. Not only is this a great gift wrap, it's a wonderful keepsake box!

"Gift wrapping does not have to be an expensive tedious process," Sandler says. "A little imagination and love is all that is needed."

Sandy Sandler, founder of non-profit Crafters 4 Kids (www.C4K555.org) and creator of the best-selling Bowdabra (www.bowdabra.com), is seeing frugal, green and time saving tricks as holiday trends.

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